Best Backpacking Trail

Sabino Canyon

There are movies about river rafting, mountain climbing and surfing; how come there aren't any about backpacking? Does The Blair Witch Project count? Sabino Canyon would make a terrific setting for your own video thriller. Maybe a remake of the classic Lonely Are the Brave? One moment, you're sitting at a downtown café; half an hour later, you're pounding up the trail, headed for the Pusch Ridge Wilderness in the Coronado National Forest. The Santa Catalinas are the very heart of Tucson, and Sabino Canyon is one of the main arteries that can get you into a fairly remote and beautiful area in a relatively short time. From Sabino, you can visit Hutch's Pool for an easy overnighter, or go all the way to the top of Mount Lemmon for a real challenge.

Runner up:

2. Madera Canyon

Unclear on the concept: Fourth Avenue, one vote