Q&A with Joan Lee

Joan Lee is KWBA's "The Local Buzz" and weather reporter. Lee's been in Tucson 11 years and at KWBA for almost five. Previously, she was a morning radio DJ with Alan Michaels at the old Cool 92.9. A big Minnesota Twins fan, she says her mood often has to do with their standings.

What's the best movie of all time?

The Princess Bride. Why? "Wuw. Twue wuv..." and other immortal lines.

What movie makes you think most of Tucson?

Major League. It showcases the Hi Corbett Field that I fell in love with when I moved to Tucson.

Who's your favorite movie personality?

That Johnny Depp ... "he make-a me cry." He makes interesting choices, and he's not too hard to look at.

What's your favorite movie snack?

It's not a movie without popcorn--popcorn with lots of butter.

What's your favorite place in Tucson to catch a flick?

The Foothills Mall theater is closest to home, and since its renovation, it's just as comfortable as the smart-and-fancy theaters at El Con and Park Place.

Any embarrassing cinematic experiences in your life?

I was in Ice Castles.

Best outdoor venue?

Hi Corbett Field ... when the Tucson Toros played there. You could sit so close to the field that you could talk to (and smell) the players.

Best public garden?

Tohono Chul. How something so serene can exist so near the business of Ina and Oracle (roads) is a wonder.

Best place for late-night eats?

We're starting a new tradition in my family, to take our children to Swenson's for ice cream after their school performances. It reminds me of the place my parents took me for the same reason in Minnesota: Bridgeman's.

Best place for Italian food?

Mama Louisa's. Forget about those "chain" Italian places; this one really is "family."

Best bookstore?

My family spends an inordinate amount of time at Barnes and Noble. It's my favorite, I guess, because my children ask me to take them there rather than to an arcade or mall.

Best piece of contemporary architecture?

The Evo A. DeConcini Federal Building, because it's not that ugly!