Best Hair Salon

Gadabout SalonSpas

Gadabout could win this category on the sheer (pardon the pun) number of salons alone. There are six Gadabouts in town, including one devoted to the male of the species. You won't find any Warren Beatty Shampoo Lotharios here, only people who are dedicated to making you look and feel good. The staff is regularly trained in the latest methods of cutting, curling and coloring. Several have won national awards, as has the company. The ambiance is great, too. And if you think Gadabout is only concerned with the material things in life, be aware that part of the philosophy at Gadabout is giving back to the community, which they do in numerous ways. The salons are only half of what Gadabout offers; see Best Day Spa.

Runners up:

2. The Coyote Wore Sideburns, 630 N. Fourth Ave., 623-7341

3. Toni and Guy Hairdressing, Various locations