Best Local Visual Artist

Diana Madaras

Like the understudy who makes it big in classic show-biz movies, artist Diana Madaras is an overnight sensation. In 1993, inspired by a watercolor painting trip to Greece, Madaras shuttered her marketing company and set herself up as a full-time artist. Before long, her trademark paintings-boldly colored desert watercolors-were everywhere, in the airport, in local magazines, on her own line of notecards and calendars. Madaras soon opened her own gallery, and just recently added a second location in the foothills. Madaras also gives back to the community, donating her paintings to various causes and raising money for furry friends via her Art for Animals Foundation.

Runners up:

2. TIE
  • Stu Jenks
  • Bailey Doogan
  • Gail Marcus-Orlen