Welcome to this week's Tucson Weekly, and along with it, Best of TucsonTM 18.

Thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of you who took the time to send in ballots last spring. As promised, we picked out three ballots at random; those voters each win a $25 gift certificate from a yet-to-be-determined Best of TucsonTM top vote-getter. And the winners are: Lori Bryant, Doris J. Morris and Percival Palma. Congrats, and again, thanks for voting.

Now that BOT 18 is done, it means that--after a few weeks of relaxation--we'll soon get started on Best of TucsonTM 19. (Scary, huh?) And for BOT 19, we're going to try something new: One of you, if you're artistically inclined, could perhaps do the principal design and concept for the issue--the deal includes a paid contract. It's a contest sorta thing. Look for details in a few weeks, in this space and in an advertisement.

But back to this issue. We hope you enjoy it; as always, if you have any questions or comments, let me know.

On a different note, we'd like to welcome back Chris Limberis to the Weekly's pages. As you know (assuming you read this note each week, which admittedly is a large assumption), he's been battling leukemia, and has been away for a couple months. Although he's continuing treatment, he's back--much, I am sure, to the dismay of some Tucson elected officials. Welcome back, Chris.