Best Used Books


READERS' PICK: Once again, our readers pay homage to benevolent Bob Bookman, ruler of the Olympus of used bookstores. Bookman's carries hardbacks, paperbacks, records, tapes, CDs, computer games, comics and a snazzy line of Bobwear, mostly at half the price you'd pay new. Plus, musical acts and other entertainment make for high-brow browsing. And there's always the chance you'll star in Bob's next TV commercial! As if all that weren't enough, as the economy melts down, Bookman's is an ideal place to liquidate your library. You may not walk out with a fatter wallet, but Bookman's has a generous trade policy that allows the illicit thrill of participating in the underground economy. We especially love to hit the used magazine racks before our trips to the beach. Bookman's also has stores in Flagstaff and Mesa, and a new location opens soon at Speedway Boulevard and Wilmot Road.