I've Got Your Answers Right Here

Answers to some questions you may have about this week's issue:

What the heck happened to The Range? It's on vacation this week, just like it was last week. More specifically, it's on vacation in Hawaii, sipping high-octane drinks out of coconut shells while sitting on the beach, while those of us remaining in Tucson battle the heat, the lack of real monsoon moisture and new garbage-collection fees. Sigh. In any case, The Range will be back next week.

What the heck happened to TQ&A this week? It's not running this week, because ... well, it's a long and stupid story. It will be back next week, too.

What if I am an idiot who runs a business, and a Weekly reporter wants to interview me--while I have paranoia issues about having my name in the paper, and body issues to the point of not wanting to have my picture in the paper? Then when that Weekly reporter calls and wants to interview you, making it clear that your name and picture will be in the paper, tell the reporter that you do NOT want to do the interview, thank you very much. Do NOT, under any circumstances, do the interview, only to freak out later and not return the reporters' phone calls for several days when she tries to contact you to get a picture. If you want to piss away the free publicity that a half-page article gives you, PLEASE do that in advance.

No, really, what happened to TQ&A this week? See the above, and take a guess.