Nine Questions

Jennifer Hinrichs is co-editor of In Your Ear magazine, a free quarterly publication that covers local and national music artists of all styles. She also contributes various album and live reviews. For more information on In Your Ear magazine, please visit

What was the first concert you ever saw?

I hate to admit this, but my first concert was New Kids on the Block. I think I was 8.

What CDs are in your changer right now?

Cursive, The Ugly Organ; The Reputation, To Force a Fate; Rx Bandits, The Resignation; Before Braille, Cattle Punching on a Jack Rabbit EP; Michael Franti and Spearhead, Everyone Deserves Music; Matthew Good, Avalanche; and some mix CDs.

How many total albums do you own (CDs, vinyl, cassettes, 8-tracks)?

Not as many as I should--about 250.

Do you download music, and if so, legally?

I usually download music legally However, every once in a while, I will load up Kazaa and search like crazy.

What was the first album you owned?

I would have to say the first record I personally owned was the New Kids on the Block.

What song would you like played at your funeral?

That's a tough one. Probably "Dance With You" by Live off The Distance to Here.

Musically speaking, what do you love that your friends don't know about? What's your favorite guilty pleasure?

An inexplicable liking of "Bye Bye Bye" by *Nsync. There's also an occasional desire to listen to DMX.

What band or artist changed your life, and how?

Tool. I purchased Tool's Aenima when I was about 17. I remember sitting on the couch listening to Tool on my headphones. I fell asleep around track seven and woke up to the dissonance of "(-) Ions." It was one of the single-most terrifying moments in my life. I knew at that instance, my life was changed, and I had found something that I wanted to surround my life with forever--music.

Figurative gun to your head, what is your favorite album of all time?

It would have to be Aenima, for reasons already expounded on.