Well, it's officially summer. (OK, it's not, technically, officially summer. But when school's out and it's around 105 degrees outside, it's officially summer according to me.)

This marks my second summer in Tucson. Before my first summer, a bunch of people told me how the city effectively dies during the months of June, July and August. Well, the bastards lied.

Tucson does NOT die during the summer. Yes, things slow down a bit--especially in the arts community--and the UA campus is more mellow. Oh, and there's a slight decrease in the number of people getting run over by AARP members driving behemoth Cadillacs going 12 mph in the foothills. But that's about it.

This week's paper is a fine example of the wealth of goings-on Tucson is enjoying this week. There's theater and dance to enjoy, with a number of cinematic offerings--both big-budget and indie--and it's a crazy (in a good way) week for music, according to Weekly music editor Stephen Seigel.

So there. Go do something!

· I'd like to go on the record and say that Tom Danehy is also a bastard (in a strictly colloquial, non-literal way). This week, he talks about and criticizes home schooling again, and that always stokes its proponents to yell at whomever the editor happens to be that particular week. Lucky me.

Anyway, Tom's bastardhood isn't why I bring him up. I bring him up because he just sent me this e-mail:

"I know it's late, but would you be able to sneak in anywhere the fact that Tucsonans can watch the Transit of Venus on June 8 by going to The geeks among our readership would probably appreciate the fact that we're looking out for them."

Now, the astronomy buffs will be yelling at me, too. Sigh.