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Don't trends, like the ubiquitous "pop punk" that has plagued the radio for nearly a decade now, have an expiration date? Shouldn't these guys be trying to figure out how to have their Green Day tattoos lasered off, or going to enunciation school, or appearing on fucking Cribs again?

Who knew that in 2004, we'd have to hear that awful single "I Miss You" every goddamn time we turned on the radio? Where the actual lyrics, "Don't waste / your time / on me / you're already / the voice inside my head" become "Shooor wayser / taim / o meyuuural, raddee / the voiyset siidemyyy yaed" in that affected Southern California twang that makes you want to punch the presumably human face out of which it comes.

Apparently, blink-182 and their fans are unfamiliar with the concept of "shelf life." But this shit is about as fresh as the McDonald's Filet-o-Fish that got dropped on the floor of the souped-up Honda Accord that singer Tom DeLonge first got laid in. In case the charitable music fan in you thinks there may be some redemption to be found, let it be known that the Blinkers recruited Robert Smith to join them on a singularly awful track, "All of This." It's like combining mint and tuna. Ewww.