Technology Terrors

I was going to share with hilarious correction that ran in The New York Times with y'all this week, but I can't.

You see, the correction is on the Times' excellent Web site, and our Internet happens to be down. Of course, it's deadline day, which is NOT a good time for us to have our Information Superhighway on-ramp blocked.

The Internet is a relatively new technology, at least to the mainstream world-it's been around less than a decade for most businesses and organizations-yet it's amazing how much we depend on it these days.

For example, by having the Internet down, we can't FTP our pages to the printer. We can't enter our film times the normal way; we normally use a system by DesertNet, our Web page company, in which we input the data into a server; DesertNet's software, in turn, spits out the data in both Web and print formats. We can't get e-mails, either.

We'll work it all out somehow; we always do. I assume that the film times and everything else will look just like they always do (and if they don't, then please accept our apologies). That's one of the fun things about the newspaper business: figuring out how to get around major problems that pop up-seemingly, always on deadline day.

In any case, welcome to this week's issue.