It's time to answer some frequently asked questions.

· Why isn't there any election coverage in this week's issue? It's all about deadlines. Due to press schedules and all sorts of stuff you don't care about, the deadline for the newspaper is Tuesday at 7 p.m. That's when polls closed, meaning that we had no idea who the winners were when we put this baby to bed. We'll have our recap next week.

· Why isn't my calendar listing in the newspaper? Good question, and here are several things to remember about our listings. First, the deadline for the City Week section is the Monday 11 days before the issue date. We get literally hundreds of faxes and e-mails every week, and it takes time to sort and input all of that information. Second, we only have a limited amount of space, meaning that this time of year, when so much is going on, we can't fit everything in. Third, things fall through the cracks sometimes when you're talking about hundreds of listings requests. It's important to remember: While listings are free, they're not guaranteed.

· Why are the folks who work at The Weekly so damn sexy? Well, some questions are just impossible to answer.