Best Plant Nursery

Mesquite Valley Growers

Nurseries are lovable enterprises, and Tucson is lucky enough to have some terrific ones. Each has its particular strengths and a distinct atmosphere--the nursery connoisseur will certainly want to visit all four of the winners in this category. For selection, horticultural enthusiasm and panache, though, nobody rivals Mesquite Valley. What do they have? Everything. From turf to creosote, it's there someplace on their 17 acres. How into it are they? Once, when we bought a mesquite, a staff member asked if he might compliment us on our choice of tree--in just those words. And style? Oh, mama. Just try to get out of the orchid room without taking something magical home.

Runners up:

2. Harlow Gardens, 5620 E. Pima St.

3. TIE Catalina Heights Nursery, 6074 E. Pima St.

3. TIE Desert Survivors Nursery, 1020 W. Starr Pass Road