Web Sites and Wolves

A couple of notes about Weekly goings-on ...

· If everything goes according to plan, we'll launch our long-awaited, redesigned Web site with the Aug. 28 issue. That's next week.

This is a big deal. You see, we've had our current Web site design, with only a few minor changes, since 1996. In 1996, lots of people hadn't even heard of the Internet.

It's also a big deal because, well, the new Web site kicks ass. It looks amazing and has all sorts of linking features that will allow users to search club listings and movie times by day, by venue, by genre, etc. And of course, our free archives--dating back to 1995, making it one of the most extensive free archives of any newspaper in the world--will still be there.

Thanks to John Banks at DesertNet. He rules; he's designed the site, for the most part.

We won't say much about the site for the first few weeks after it launches, while the inevitable glitches are worked out. But when it's up and going, we'll be promoting the hell out of it. It's that awesome of a community resource.

· Last week's cover story, "Howling Mad" by Leo W. Banks, stirred up a great deal of controversy. We've been inundated with calls and letters from folks, most of whom were stunned--stunned!--that we'd dare publish anything critical of the wolf reintroduction program, no matter how much evidence there is.

Because of deadlines, we weren't able to get any letters in this week. But next week, we'll let these folks have their say in an expanded Mailbag section. Be sure to check it out.