Shooting From the Hip

I grew up around guns. I was raised on a cattle ranch outside of Reno, Nevada, where guns were part of life.

My family hunted, used them on the ranch and had them around in case they were needed for self-defense. For much of my childhood, my father's pickup truck sported an NRA sticker in the back window.

Today, guns are at the center of one of the country's biggest debates: Should there be more gun control? A number of folks say there should be, while others--as quoted in this week's cover story by The Weekly's resident right-winger, Emil Franzi--say there's too much gun control.

It's a tough issue for me to decide. On one hand, I respect and have no fear of guns, thanks to the education my parents gave me. The whole NRA cliché--guns don't kill people; people kill people--has a lot of truthfulness to it.

On the other hand, the statistics of violence and gun accidents are staggering. And there's no question that while guns don't kill people, they sure make it easier for people to kill other people.

Then there's the whole matter of the Second Amendment and what exactly it is supposed to mean--with folks from all sides of the issue having different, viable opinions.

Franzi has his own take, which you can read. Whatever your feelings are on guns, I am sure you'll find it to be a compelling read.