Tech Troubles

If you've tried to e-mail anybody at The Weekly during the last couple weeks, and you haven't gotten a response, please e-mail us back.

We've been having horrid e-mail problems here--It's up, and then it's down. Sometimes, people who send messages when the system's down have gotten their messages kicked back. Sometimes, the messages just go into e-mail purgatory--we never get them, the sender never gets their message returned, and we at The Weekly look like rude morons who don't respond to e-mail messages.

Our mailbag@tucsonweekly. com address has taken the worst hit, it appears. For about a week, it flat-out didn't work; the messages sent there apparently went into some big Internet black hole.

We THINK--we hope, we pray--that things are fixed now. Although, who the hell knows?

We're not sure what's been causing all these problems. Some of our more paranoid staffers blame the Department of Homeland Security. A handful of our more conservative writers have blamed communists. Some of our, shall we say, spiritually interesting contributors feel that we must have somehow pissed off the computer gods.

Whatever. In any case, the moral is this: If you've sent anything to me, the Mailbag or anyone else with a e-mail address recently, and you didn't get a response, please re-send. We apologize for all the problems and appreciate your understanding--even if we don't fully understand what's going on ourselves.