Police Dispatch

The MVD Conspiracy

West Camino Casa Verde and North La Canada Drive, May 20, 4:33 p.m.

A pregnant Green Valley woman was banned from a Motor Vehicles Division office after she harassed female employees during a two-day period, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

When Deputy Luis Cornidez arrived at the MVD, 601 N. La Canada Drive, he reported that clerks pointed to a woman sitting by the counter who told him, "I guess you are looking for me."

Cornidez said he asked the woman to step outside for a talk, at which point she started getting "quite loud," declaring that nobody wanted to help her.

The woman finally stepped outside, where she reportedly told Cornidez she had come to the MVD the day before--just after they'd stopped serving people. She said they told her to come back another day, which she did.

Cornidez said he asked the woman to quiet down when she repeatedly demanded the phone number of "the whore by the counter."

The woman replied that she just wanted to get a driver's permit and that it appeared the women inside were prejudiced against females. She said a man walked in today after she had come in the day before--and that the clerks had helped him.

Cornidez reported that he moved the woman away from the door, where she once again said she wanted the "bitch's" phone number and to speak to her MVD boss. She then said she wanted to speak to Cornidez's supervisor because he was not doing his job.

Cornidez summoned an officer from the Green Valley station, who told the woman she should file a complaint with the MVD director if she had a problem. The officer said if she continued being abusive, she would be arrested for disorderly conduct.

At this point, the report stated, the woman's mother appeared and told Cornidez to forgive her daughter because she was two months pregnant. The were both advised to leave or face disorderly conduct charges.

As they were getting into their car, the irate woman reportedly told the Green Valley officer that he, too, had a supervisor and that she would be in contact with him.

According to the report, deputies went inside the MVD and contacted the MVD employee who reported the woman. She told them she was afraid to leave because she didn't want the pregnant woman to find out what car she drives. Cornidez told her the woman and her mother had already left.

The clerk stated that the woman was "mouthy" and was cursing a lot the day before. Two other MVD clerks corroborated her story, saying she was quite loud and were cursing incessantly.

The pregnant woman was advised by Cornidez and the Green Valley police officer she was no longer welcome at the MVD.

Monster Truck Challenge

West Summit Street and South Epperson Lane, May 20, 6:07 p.m.

A teenager took his father's truck for a joyride, running over a neighbor's son while the boy was on a go-cart, according to a PCSD report.

The father of the boy on the go-cart told deputies he saw his neighbor's 13-year-old son driving a white pickup truck, which struck his son's go-cart, and then drove up on top of it.

The father said he ran to the scene. His neighbor's son then reportedly backed up, got out and asked if the boy was injured. The teenager then got into the truck and drove off.

The father directed deputies to the house of the truck's driver. The boy admitted accidentally striking the go-cart, saying he did it because he "was just bored," the report said.

According to deputies, the go-cart driver appeared to have a few scratches, but was otherwise in "fine health." The mother of the boy took him to the hospital at the advice of deputies.

The teenage driver was charged with endangerment and criminal damage, and was then released into the custody of his father--who had just gotten home from work when deputies were questioning his son.