Best Video Store

Casa Video

READERS' PICK: At Casa Video you can choose from over 40,000 movie soundtracks. You'd expect the Hollywood blockbusters, but you can also find soundtracks from documentaries, musicals, faraway lands and times past. Best of all, you get the movie that goes with the soundtrack for no extra charge. The staff is knowledgeable without being pretentious. They'll help you find The Fast and the Furious or order obscure titles from India just because you asked. VHS may be going the way of Beta and vinyl records, but Casa still has thousands of tapes and new ones come in every day. But, wait, there's more. Casa also rents audio books and video games, and you can enjoy free popcorn while you browse. Maybe Casa Video belongs in the Chow section as "Best Place to Enjoy a Snack." Crank up the surround sound, honey! We're coming home with the soundtrack to Twin Peaks!