Best Kids' Clothing Store

Buffalo Kids

READERS' PICK: Yo, here's a little story I gots to tell / About my kids' clothes that weren't looking so well / I done had it with all those new-clothes price tags / And after a year, their clothes look just like rags / So I loaded up the car with their outgrown skids / And headed down to Buffalo Kids. / I got to 1702 E. Prince Road / We opened the door and brought in our load / They buy, they sell, they even trade / When we walked inside, I knew I had it made / Now, the clothes they got may be formally used / But your kids will think they are brand new. / They got pants, shorts, sweaters and shirts / And for your little girl, they got blouses and skirts / If you've got a little tike, they got toys to play with / But you better bring a babysitter for them to stay with / Now if you got a teen-ager that's stubborn and bold / They've got clothes for ages 0 to 14 years old / And they carry all the latest hip styles and trends / So teens can look cool and tell all their friends. / So the next time your kids are begging for new rags / And you don't want to frown when you look at the price tags / Just head on down to 1702 E. Prince Road / And check out the great used clothes at Buffalo Kids, yo.