As our little motto on the contents page of the print edition declared a few weeks ago, without attribution to Sam Clemens, rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated.

Seems that people in the upper echelons of the Tucson Citizen, Arizona Daily Star and TNI--which sells ads for and prints both papers in an arrangement that requires special exemption from antitrust laws--were claiming that the Tucson Weekly would close down after the Best of Tucson issue.

Wishful thinking, no doubt. Best of Tucson came out last week, and we're still here. I wonder if the same can be said of the Citizen by this time next year. The p.m. paper has a circulation only slightly better than half the Weekly's. Surely the papers' brass and the profit-driven TNI folks weren't playing Nostradamus with our future in order to discredit our sales efforts and boost their own advertising.

Nah, that wouldn't be ethical, and it would make them look very stupid right about now. Probably it's just a matter of getting wind that the Tucson Weekly would soon be closing its downtown office and moving to the local corporate hive near the airport, where we can make quicker getaways. They just heard the first part, about closing, and conveniently forgot the rest.

In the immortal word of Chumley the Walrus, "Duh."