With this issue, Art Director HÉctor Acuña bids farewell to the Tucson Weekly. HÉctor has defined the Weekly's look; he designs all the feature pages and covers, either working with freelance artists and photographers or doing the illustrations and photography himself.

According to Jim Nintzel, the Weekly's senior writer and HÉctor's closest friend on staff, "Seeing what he can assemble out of virtually no material week after week is incredible. He has an intuitive understanding of what every story is about; I give him some half-baked idea about what I'm working on, and he comes back with something 10 times better than I described."

HÉctor started at the Weekly about a dozen years ago, he estimates. But he isn't sure. "Things were hazy in those days," he admits.

He began as an ad designer, long before computers revolutionized the place. But as Macs moved into the building, HÉctor quickly developed an uncanny ability to psych out any machine he came up against.

By five years ago HÉctor was supervising the art and photo needs on the editorial rather than advertising side of our rag. Now he's moving to Phoenix to do likewise for the New Times. I would spitefully tell the deserter to burn in hell, but moving to Phoenix is pretty much the same thing.

I asked HÉctor to sum up his years with the Tucson Weekly. His parting words: "It used to be I could drink a beer a lot faster É at lunch."