Best Panties

Ross Stores

7250 E. Broadway Blvd. 7475 N. La Cholla Blvd. 4425 N. Oracle Road

STAFF PICK: Our drawers are overflowing with ... No, wait, start that paragraph again. Our top dresser drawer is packed with a plethora of panties picked up at Ross, aka Panty Central. The selection is great, with panties for each of our multiple personalities: sensible white cotton granny panties that come up almost to our armpits, wispy silk panties that flutter in the breeze like prayer flags, sequined panties for circus girls, exquisite black lace thongs that retail for $25, Day of the Week panties that remind us we have a staff meeting, metallic silver astronaut panties, green camouflage panties for the warrior princess, rufflebutt panties for our inner child, shiny satin numbers that make us feel like Lauren Bacall in Key Largo, and Calvins that make us feel like one of the guys. And they're all cheap!