Best Public Servant--Tie

Dr. Brendan Phibbs and Dr. Leonard Ditmanson

Kino Community Hospital

STAFF PICK: A tie to the indefatigable leaders of Kino Community Hospital's medical staff--Dr. Brendan Phibbs and Dr. Leonard Ditmanson. Though of different generations--Phibbs is 83 and Ditmanson is the youngster at 42--these guys know health care. They vigorously pursue the patient's total well being. And they put people before profits. Phibbs, the chief cardiologist, has been making sure tickers work since well before Kino was opened in 1977. He's a veteran of the old County General. He strikes an imposing figure with his shock of white hair and his ramrod gait. Ditmanson, the son of a crusading missionary doctor and the brother of four other doctors, is equally dedicated. He started in 1989 in internal medicine. He mixes his all-out drive with a great sense of humor and perspective. Both men have stared down the ugly attempts to ruin Kino, and our community is much better off for their efforts.