Best Garden Party

Janet Miller's Annual Open Garden

522 S. Fifth Ave.

STAFF PICK: Do you ever wonder what lies behind a backyard fence? While out walking, do you strain to see through holes in gates in order to glimpse private spaces? If you're the type who can't resist the temptation of peeking into an alluring private back yard, then make your way to the annual Open Garden, held the last weekend in March by local artist Janet Miller. Flowing over with poppies, larkspur, bachelor buttons and Queen Anne's lace, her garden is the quintessential Armory Park landscape. But it's Janet's art, positioned throughout the garden, that adds that extra bloom to the scene. Janet's reverse-glass paintings are colorful, whimsical and not without a little edge. It makes for a fun afternoon of visual stimulation, further enhanced by the mound of fresh-made gingersnaps and cool lemonade she serves.