Best Pizza


6 Locations

READERS' PICK: Each year we swear we're going to change the name of this category to "Best Magpies" or maybe "Best Pizza Other Than Magpies." It's absolutely ridiculous. Magpies wins every year by a huge, ballot stuffing-proof margin. They've got a dizzying array of toppings, perfectly tangy sauce, fresh cheese and great crust. Our favorite item is the Take and Bake, a pizza prepared to your order, then sold oven-ready for you to take home and bake at your leisure.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Brooklyn Pizza Company, 534 N. Fourth Ave. All the east coast transplants have found a pie that's nearly as good as home, and the rest of you have suffered through enough wanna be pizza to deserve the goodness of Brooklyn. Not-too-thin, not-too-thick crust, a fine peppery sauce, a selection of fresh toppings including ricotta, cilantro, jalapeños and chicken, a vegan alternative, and a full moon special $5.95 cheese pie says it all. And since this is the category for best pizza, we'll leave out the fact that a microbrew and a slice is always $3.74, they serve three types of refreshing frozen treats, they accept competitors' coupons, they deliver beer, wine and cigarettes, and occasionally one of the staff might ask you out on a date, if you're lucky.

LOOSE CHANGE: Forget the national chains; there are plenty of good pies by Tucson originals. Here's a regional wrap. On the east side it's Tino's, 6610 E. Tanque Verde Road, selling a great pie with a zesty sauce. Paul McCartney has been a regular at the Tanque Verde store for years. He knows good pizza. Central: It's Donato's, 1730 E. Prince Road, where Jimmy and Maria Sklias have put together a pie with a unique crust, great cheese and excellent toppings. Downtown: Italian Kitchen, 27 W. Congress St., has great crust and a spicy, zesty sauce. West side: Bianchi's, 1110 N. Silverb