Teen Beat

A LINE-UP OF some of today's very best heavy metal bands headlined Powerman 5000's Rockets And Robots Tour 2000. Starting off the night was the goth band Dope, opening as loud as the theatre could handle and screeching out lyrics laced with obscenities unprintable in a newspaper. There were signs of a good band with songs like "Debonaire." From the band's creepy tone and voice to their overall look, they could give Ozzy Ozborne a chill. The show improved thoughout the night.

Tension built as Static X commanded the stage with enough force and noise to shake all of Congress Street. Many fans were extremely relieved to go wild and start a few mosh pits. Lead singer Wayne Statie's electric heavy-metal background tempered to an edge almost as hard as the liquid content in his wild hair. This L.A.-based band put on an incredible finale with their hot "Push It" that pushed metal in another direction.

Following the opening acts, the night's main attraction, Powerman 5000, energetically showed the crowd why they could headline a tour. Lead singer Spider One once said "Unreality is my reality," and proved that with pleasing covers of "When World's Collide" and the equally strange "Nobody's Real." The range of the diverse crowd, from 9-year olds to 50-year olds, were satisfied by the end of the night.

Whether everyone's ears stopped ringing is another story.

Michael Peel is a sophomore at Rincon High School.