Best Highway Coffee

Omar's Highway Chef Restaurant, at the Triple-T Truckstop

5451 E. Benson Highway

STAFF PICK: The Triple T Truckstop is next to I-10 by Craycroft Road, Exit 268, and it houses Omar's Highway Chef Restaurant, a very popular spot for the kind of people you probably won't see at a university-area bar or cozy Foothills bistro. The place is big (smoking and non-smoking), clean, well-lighted and has comfortable booths. The friendly, efficient, uniformed waitresses don't tell you their names, and it's open 24 hours. Omar's serves good food and a lot of it, reasonably priced; but our admiration here is for the coffee, which never runs dry or cold before someone appears to refill it (understand that this is good truck-stop coffee, not some kind of Seattle Sumatra). You know when you start to twitch, it's good.