Tour Diaries! XIXA Day 2: What was that Motorhead song again? 'WE ARE THE ROAD CREW!'

Check in daily to keep track of XIXA's on-the-road shenanigans—the dirt, grime, and glory, and all the hangovers and warts—from the Tucson band's current Bloodline swing through Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic and beyond. Today's entry by Gabe Sullivan.

July 13. Day 2:
It’s like we never left. Like the six members and two crew have been in this van forever and a  day ... and right now, it feels like we may never leave this van.  Today we did the ceremonial dance of jumping in the van after our flights from Tuxon, hit the backline company here in Dusseldorf and grab the huge amount of drums, amps, percussion, and keyboards that it takes to make XIXA so violently loud, and drive the always seemingly endless drive to wherever the first date of our tour is.  This time around we have an eight-hour drive that will take us to Klempenow, DE where we will play the  Transit Festival tomorrow. You’d think that after 24 hours of  flying we would be in hellish moods about starting an eight-hour drive at five in the afternoon ...  but here I am writing this as everyone ferociously enjoys the reunion with our French bass player and sound engineer over beers, wine and joints. Here in the backseat of our home on wheels for the next 20-something days ... What was that Motorhead song again... WE ARE THE ROAD CREW!

—Gabriel Sullivan
| Somewhere on the Autoban

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