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Comment Archives: stories: Music

Re: “Noise Annoys

I never said Sammy was my hero, that honor goes to Mr. Alice Cooper. I just said he was deserving of respect. Until your post, I've never heard anything negative about him. Your story reeks of BS, but if it isn't, maybe you got too drunk, did something stupid during a blackout phase and got what you deserved. I can't say anything for sure though because I wasn't there. My bet is that you weren't either.

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Posted by Not a Joshua Levine Fan on 12/18/2016 at 10:59 AM

Re: “Noise Annoys

You may think Sammy Hagar is a cool guy but he's not. He beat me up for no reason when we were drunk. His friends just laughed. I was in the hospital for two weeks and lost my job. You are wrong about your hero.

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Posted by kinnymclain on 12/18/2016 at 8:53 AM

Re: “Noise Annoys

I can't really respect your opinion at all. You posted an open letter to Sammy Hagar as an album review a few years ago and it really sucked. It was full of obvious disrespect and jealousy. It was extremely impolite. I couldn't believe that you had so much misguided anger aimed towards someone who had made it from a life of poverty, something you probably know nothing about, and succeeded, another thing that you definitely know nothing about. Sammy has talent, he has proved it as being a classic hard rock pioneer in Montrose and he has done great things beyond that. Go back to the music review underground, you might find respect there. But you sure will not find it here, unless being a burnt out local musician and hack journalist suits you.

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Posted by Actual Music Fan, Not a Joshua Levine Fan on 12/16/2016 at 8:21 AM

Re: “Learning to Fly

These kids are great!
I remember sitting front row, star struck, as Peter Rolland played in the fiddle trio of the great show Diamond Studs at Old Tucson.
He's the father of Matt and Grace and Bekah's father in law?
Proves correct once again the old saying...
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Barry Smith

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Posted by B. Merckx on 12/15/2016 at 3:16 PM

Re: “Guitar Hero

I loved this article! I felt my eyes tearing up...... jack is awesome and it hurts to know how he tortures himself over past events. Robby is amazing and all the current members of this group are freaking fantastic!!!
Dan McNay is the best bass player I have ever heard and their drummer is spot on!!!!

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Posted by Debra Luce on 12/10/2016 at 9:40 PM

Re: “Guitar Hero

I was in a band called Heavy Axe. Palo Verde 77, 78 ---We started the desert scene in Tucson. Our first desert party was at the old prison camp on Mt Lemmon for The Huns. Thousands of people showed up. We played mostly rock but got dubbed new wave because we played ACDC before they were on the radio. Our first gig at The Night Train was called New Wave comes to Tucson with The Suspects, Heavy Ave, and Rampage. My cousins lived on a ranch at what is now Valencia and Kolb when that whole area was only desert. My oldest cousin grabbed a tractor one day and drove down the dirt road that went to Houghton. When he was about a mile short of Houghton he made a road into the desert south off Old Vail Road. He cleared out a huge area and called it "The Buzz" Heavy Axe played a couple of parties there and thousands of Tucson High Schoolers would show up. One of my friends from Palo Verde Paul Wilkens (bass player for Roc Lochner) started hanging out with Robby as he was getting ready to make his debut. Paul had a party at the buzz and held a lead guitar contest. Robby took the stage and played the lead in heartbreaker by Led Zep. He got everyones attention. Heavy Axe was history after that performance. Roc Lochner made a huge splash and Heavy Axe faded into oblivion. Robby and I have been friends for decades. He played in a band called Born and Bred with Milton Cox (Heavy Axe) The songs on the album they recorded are among my favorite songs that Robby ever played on. Meet you on the other side and Body for Business are epic.

7 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Scott Hamilton on 12/10/2016 at 12:09 PM

Re: “Guitar Hero

East-siders of Tucson have always been the coolest. Everyone was/is a rocker. We're happy to see Robbie living the life of "Local Boy Does Good" Proud to call him ours.

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Posted by Michele Regal on 12/09/2016 at 10:35 PM

Re: “Guitar Hero

Sahuaro 73?

2 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by David W on 12/08/2016 at 9:37 PM

Re: “Guitar Hero

I go way back with Robby and graduated with him at Sahuaro, he was awesome then as he is now. Everyone of us knew how great he was back then and always enjoyed watching him jam and hanging out with him. The desert parties at 17 poles and at rockafellas was the best. Great job Robby, Tucson is proud of you and so am I

17 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Todd Smith on 12/08/2016 at 7:06 PM

Re: “Guitar Hero

For years after the Rhode Island fire that killed 100 people, Jack Russell was, by all accounts (even his own), trying to kill himself with drink. That's what "suicidal nostalgia act" means

9 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by art on 12/08/2016 at 6:44 PM

Re: “Guitar Hero

To the writer of this article: What exactly is a "Suicidal Nostalgia Act?"....What does it even mean? I find it a bit offensive mysel.

4 likes, 7 dislikes
Posted by Alex Monroy on 12/08/2016 at 6:35 PM

Re: “Guitar Hero

I never cared for Great White or that "Big Hair" band sound. But I like the story. I grew up at the same time at Santa Rita...And, I participated in those huge desert gathering's. Reminds me of the old days in Tucson.

6 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Micky Smythe on 12/08/2016 at 3:31 PM

Re: “Guitar Hero

Would have liked this better if there was a little more subject and a lot less dark and brooding commentary in it, but it is what it is. Robby is a great addition to a sound I've loved for many years. Truly talented and nice guy. Thanks Tuscon..he's someone to be proud of.

7 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Silver Smith on 12/08/2016 at 2:10 PM

Re: “Guitar Hero

A lot of history was made there. Dick will be 80 next year.

6 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Guitarzan on 12/08/2016 at 11:10 AM

Re: “Almost Famous

Been following your writing for quite a few years. Great story. I'd love to see that original People spread and a few pics of you and Doug too. I remember hearing about his death all those years ago and hearing that he was the real writer of their most famous songs and how they treated him. Split my dedication from "them" to "him" although I didn't have to. I did not like any of their follow ups genuinely. But I have a cover shot that I've used time and time again on my FB page and I think it was from your original article. It says "Tomorrow we can drive around this town...let the cops chase us around...the past is gone but something might be found to take it's place...". It's just blue sky and people's hands in the air in a convertible if I'm not mistaken. one really knows but that's about Doug for me. I'm a fan and I don't know how anyone could have saved him from himself but I wish he'd had a chance. You were a great friend to him. I mean it.

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Posted by Miranda Mattingly Grim on 12/03/2016 at 7:58 AM

Re: “Court and Spark

Thanks, Kat!!!! You to have a beautiful voice and it is always a pleasure to sing with you. Much love to you!

6 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Joyce Luna on 12/01/2016 at 11:52 PM

Re: “Court and Spark

I am so very proud of Joyce! She is a wonderful person and has a true gift. I am glad that I have the opportunity to sing with her in Desert Voices. We even sang a duet together. What a fantastic article!Continue the great work that you do and I look forward to singing with you at upcoming Hope for the Holidays concerts on December 9th,10th, and 11th at St.Mark's Presbyterian church!
Much love always, sincerely Kat.

7 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Kat Murphy on 12/01/2016 at 5:27 PM

Re: “Vintage Vinyl Tucson

Hey you, Too Many Criminals in the Crawl Space underneith my heart. She's nobodies friend, She's just a girl...
Just saying hello from Virginia wine country and, I still play all of play all of these fine tunes, every chance I get!

4 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Puddle Jones on 12/01/2016 at 5:03 PM

Re: “Vintage Vinyl Tucson

Great story. Thanks.

6 likes, 9 dislikes
Posted by Rat T on 12/01/2016 at 8:26 AM

Re: “Vintage Vinyl Tucson

Johnny D of course The Nazz, (as I hit palm of hand on side of head) and yes - a top notch GREAT, five-star record! Wish I owned a real one...

Posted by Lee Joseph on 11/30/2016 at 10:26 PM

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