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Re: “A Few Thoughts on the New AzMERIT Scores

Mr. Saitta,

US Constitution, Article 1; Section 8, Paragraphs 1 and 18. will not work as a means to override the 10th Amendment. That argument will be dismissed as tautological and the primacy of the 10th amendment will be upheld.

Posted by Rick Spanier on 07/22/2017 at 8:18 AM

Re: “A Few Thoughts on the New AzMERIT Scores

Mr. Spanier: FYI: US Constitution, Article 1; Section 8, Paragraphs 1 and 18.

Posted by Francis Saitta on 07/22/2017 at 7:58 AM

Re: “A Few Thoughts on the New AzMERIT Scores

National Curriculum? Unconstitutional and dangerous.

We are a republic. The tenth amendment of our Constitution is clear, any power not given to the federal government is to be exercised by the states. Nothing ambiguous there. There cannot be a national curriculum or federally constructed assessment exams any more than states can declare war on a foreign nation.

The abject failures of NCLB and Race to the Top are glaring reminders of the outcomes to be expected when the federal government decides to flaunt the Constitution with poorly conceived schemes to make an end run toward establishing a national curriculum.

Take away the constitutional issue and consider what a federally mandated national curriculum would look like given the wild swings in administrations (Obama, Trump) and Secretaries of Education (Duncan, DeVos). Imagine a national curriculum developed by either of the above Secretaries of Education or dominated by right wing ideologues or left wing activists; Texans or San Franciscans.

Like I said, we are a Republic and for good reason. The disturbing notion of a federally designed national curriculum presents one good example of the brilliance of our revolutionary founders in designing our Republic and writing our Constitution.

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Posted by Rick Spanier on 07/22/2017 at 7:26 AM

Re: “There's Election Integrity, and Then There's Election Integrity

Hillary does matter. She and the faction within the Democratic Party she represents are responsible for the 2016 presidential election results. So when you roll your eyes over Trump's idiocies, remember to thank her. And the DNC. And the NYTimes, that bastion of impartial journalism that treated the Sanders campaign in a very biased, profoundly dishonest way.

It is clear to anyone who has been paying attention that the power players in the Democratic Party have been enablers of the financial sector's malfeasance in this country. Their "solution" to the 2008 crisis -- bailing the banks out at taxpayer expense and failing to prosecute those responsible for the sub-prime loan debacle -- was an unbelievably corrupt betrayal of people who work for a living in this country. To most citizens, money is not a toy they gamble with. It is what they use to keep a roof over their family's head, to feed and clothe and educate their children. To crater their home values and then use their tax funds to bail criminals in the banking system out, while jacking up the cost of higher ed and asking the children of the middle class to indenture themselves to the banks to get qualified for professions is a profound and unacceptable betrayal of the citizens whose labor keeps this country and its institutions running.

Many noticed, and many were unwilling to vote for someone as obviously tied to the damage to their wellbeing as Hillary Clinton was. The remedy for your dismay is to take a good, hard look at the Democratic Party and ask it to clean itself up. Not to piss and moan about Trump. He is not the root of the problem. He wouldn't have been able to get into the presidency if the Democrats had not failed so miserably, from the Bill Clinton deregulation-and corporate-enabling presidency on, to defend the interests of ordinary citizens.

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Posted by Dismayed that so many are blind to who's at fault. on 07/22/2017 at 6:50 AM

Re: “A Few Thoughts on the New AzMERIT Scores

"Whenever students are taught how to take a specific test, the results are thrown into doubt...."

Teaching to the Test is a bogus argument. In fact, if the Curriculum/Assessment Examination, AzMerit, covers the necessary body of information per Subject Area required for a Student to achieve their Career Goals as well as a measure of Teacher/Administrator Accountability, then by all mean...Teach to the Test!!!

Local Control of Public Education, generally, has been a dismal failure!!...hence the move, by Parents, of their Children, to Charter/Private Schools. We need to turn this around via a National Curriculum/Assessment Examinations. AzMerit is a move in the right direction.

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Posted by Francis Saitta on 07/22/2017 at 5:36 AM

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