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Comment Archives: stories: News & Opinion: Danehy

Re: “Danehy

Danehy, don't count on Social Security to provide much of a backstop for whatever else you do -- and you will have to do it, whatever it is. Social Security is no windfall. I paid quite a lot into the system during my more lucrative periods of employment, so I qualified for almost-adequate benefits if I waited to take normal retirement (age 66). But faced with the choice of finding a decent-paying job in my sixties -- probability, zero -- or creating my own business to employ me, when I was 62 I took what SSA calls "early retirement." It's a lot less than had I waited to turn 66, but I didn't have the leisure to wait.

I used my lower SS payouts to cover my bare-bone costs of living and once more became an entrepreneur. You're not supposed to do this, work while you're collecting if it exceeds a certain amount, but when the alternative is penury until you drop, you break some rules. (Hey, it's money I paid in!)

Fortunately, my new company worked out, sufficiently so that I don't have to completely rely on my continuing early-retirement checks -- which would be totally inadequate if I had to rely on them to pay personal and property taxes, utilities, premiums on supplemental health insurance (Medicare is fine, but it doesn't pay for everything), cable Internet, cellphone service, auto insurance, and occasional travel and nights out, etc., etc.

The rather stupid commenters above deride Social Security as some sort of government gravy train. It's not. It's a small monthly stipend for basic survival. Unless there are reforms in the future that help workers when they're past "productive age" -- whatever the 1% decides that is -- Americans (unlike citizens in most of Europe and Canada) will need other income, whether investments, exceptional jobs, or their own inheritance to get by. Screw the "rugged individualism" sloganeering. It's braggadocio, a hoax. The rugged ones die first.

Also per those fools: SS is no "Ponzi scheme." It helps a hundred million Americans save a little so they don't have to rely on the kindness of strangers (in the same predicament), payday and conventional loan sharks, or eating a lot of ramen to keep their heads above water. With good fortune and planning, it's also enough to allay the stress that brings on sickness, heart attacks, and early death. You have to be pretty damn cruel to wish an early demise on anyone, just so that you can some utter alt-right crapola like that above. Or hide your own fear at growing old and meager. Suck it up, it's your fate, too.

8 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Jake on 09/15/2017 at 4:24 PM

Re: “Danehy

"Getting involved with the media" makes sense, Tom. You should try it.

7 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Rick Spanier on 09/14/2017 at 3:34 PM

Re: “Danehy

Get a job ?? Good one Mark. You have a better chance of hitting the Power Ball twice in a row.

8 likes, 16 dislikes
Posted by CW13 on 09/14/2017 at 2:37 PM

Re: “Danehy

Another ugly intro from the liberal idiot, get a life, or better yet a job.

8 likes, 24 dislikes
Posted by Mark Robert Heywood on 09/14/2017 at 10:55 AM

Re: “Danehy

It is normally an inferiority complex that forces one to make degrading comments about others.

America has been built by rugged individuals that never envisioned sucking at the taxpayers teat for their existence. The SS system is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme workers are forced to fund while Congress moves the goal posts and redirects money away from those funding it.

Bill Clinton initiated an income tax on SS benefits so they could prop up a failing Medicare program. Doesn't that tell you anything?

But toothless hillbillies says quite a bit about the Walmart hating author.

10 likes, 22 dislikes
Posted by Wayne Olson on 09/14/2017 at 10:05 AM

Re: “Danehy

I thought you had to have a job to get Social Security. Just sayin"

10 likes, 22 dislikes
Posted by CW13 on 09/14/2017 at 8:54 AM

Re: “Danehy

Now I understand that a news source like the NYT essentially publishes only fake news according to Trumpistas but maybe we have some readers here who will at least consider the following as an indication that Yes, there were and are Obama-Trump supporters, a fact Danehy cannot wrap his mind around.…

Democrats can continue to live in denial and blame their (and the nation's) catastrophic loss to James Comey, the Russians, misogyny, or the latest excuse de jour but they do so at their own risk and that of their party's future. Two candidates, and two candidates only, excited the masses and held rallies of a scope not often seen in presidential elections. Their names were Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Not Clinton. Not Bush.

25 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by Rick Spanier on 08/18/2017 at 8:14 AM

Re: “Danehy

"but all welfare cheats and meth heads are liberals."

If you grew up in a rural small poor conservative town with a drug problem such as i did, youd know you couldnt be more wrong.

37 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by Palisades on 08/17/2017 at 5:52 AM

Re: “Danehy

And here is the bi weekly (again, thank god it's bi weekly now) Trump bash, Yawn. Hey Danehy, not all liberals are welfare cheats and meth heads, but all welfare cheats and meth heads are liberals. I am rubber you are glue.

5 likes, 34 dislikes
Posted by Mark Robert Heywood on 08/17/2017 at 4:55 AM

Re: “Danehy

Tommy, your pal CW13 to the rescue. I didn't want your column to run all week without at least one comment. We wouldn't want the powers that be at the Weekly to think you're not popular any more.

2 likes, 22 dislikes
Posted by CW13 on 08/09/2017 at 1:02 PM

Re: “Danehy

Thank you so much for this. As a proud Amphi Panther (class of '81), I didn't play football but many of my classmates did, and I certainly watched a lot of games. Coach always made us proud -- win or lose, we knew that the most important thing was hard work and character. It sounds cliche but they don't seem to make them like that any more. He'll be missed.

5 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Gordon Zaft on 08/03/2017 at 5:26 PM

Re: “Danehy

While Danehick usually does suck, I must admit ... this column does not.

Signed, Danehick Sux

ps - I ran into Vern at Sprouts Market 4 or 5 years ago (right before he had his stroke) along with my father-in-law (who knew Verne 40 years ago), and the coach still remembered him. He was a high quality person.

11 likes, 10 dislikes
Posted by danehick sux on 07/27/2017 at 10:44 PM

Re: “Danehy

Thanks, Tom, for a great column. I don't usually choke up from reading the Weekly, but this week, you got me. Even some tears...of joy. Having been around Amphi and meeting Coach Friedli (usually at the grocery store) he was ALWAYS a gentle man and one of the most positive educators I've erer met.

Should you ever pen a script for "the Vern Friedli Story", let us know. I'm in line for opening night tickets.

12 likes, 10 dislikes
Posted by n7iqv on 07/27/2017 at 9:14 AM

Re: “Danehy

CW69, belch and give me a hint.

0 likes, 27 dislikes
Posted by CW13 on 07/26/2017 at 9:13 PM

Re: “Danehy

It's not just the left disliking you, it's everyone.

26 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by The Grim Reaper on 07/26/2017 at 7:58 PM

Re: “Danehy

Kiss my ass.

26 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by CW69 on 07/26/2017 at 2:40 PM

Re: “Danehy

2 already. One day you stooges will learn to ignore me!!

0 likes, 27 dislikes
Posted by CW13 on 07/26/2017 at 1:25 PM

Re: “Danehy

Thanks. The more I'm disliked by the left the more I love it.

0 likes, 27 dislikes
Posted by CW13 on 07/26/2017 at 11:00 AM

Re: “Danehy

They dislike you, not the 10 times more fun your generation had.

11 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by The Grim Reaper on 07/26/2017 at 10:19 AM

Re: “Danehy

What's to dislike? You clowns are just pissed that my generation had 10 times more fun than yours ever did.

0 likes, 27 dislikes
Posted by CW13 on 07/26/2017 at 8:49 AM

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