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Re: “Creative Community

10 Poorest Cities in America of 2015
5. Tucson

Take your pick. More socialism/communism/liberalism isn't going to fix it.

1 like, 15 dislikes
Posted by What, Again on 10/15/2016 at 6:49 AM

Re: “Creative Community

Census: Tucson sixth-poorest large city

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Posted by What, Again on 10/15/2016 at 4:38 AM

Re: “Creative Community

According to 24/7 Wall St., these are the 25 poorest towns in America. There isn't a single mention of Arizona anywhere on the list.

10 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Ex-Arizonan on 10/15/2016 at 2:26 AM

Re: “Creative Community

Although, it is poor country but these event are very encouraging for the its people to become unit on to put their country on the way of progress. I also heard this news on ary news live channel last night.

2 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Gulzar Ahmed on 10/14/2016 at 7:55 AM

Re: “Creative Community

There must be some growth. You mentioned that Tucson was the 5th poorest city in every other comment you've posted up until recently. Whether you like it or not, that's growth. You should just move away if you don't feel the growth is happening quickly enough. I understand that the North Pole is hiring; Santa is looking for elves with negative attitude. That would be the perfect job for you. You can package the coal that is distributed to those crabby little children that remind you of yourself. Merry Christmas Scrooge!

15 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by AZ/DC! on 10/13/2016 at 10:07 AM

Re: “Creative Community

Tucson hasn't been known for its economic growth for decades, since the liberal anti-growthers, radical environmentalists and pro-illegal contingent took control decades ago. In fact, our economic growth is of the poorest in the nation, complementing our 6th poorest city in the country recognition.

1 like, 22 dislikes
Posted by What, Again on 10/13/2016 at 7:39 AM

Re: “The Politics of Sociability

One additional correction, please: these monks are from Wat Buddhametta: Tucson Buddhist Meditation Center, not from Dhammaratanaram temple.

4 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Buddhist in Tucson on 10/07/2016 at 1:51 PM

Re: “The Politics of Sociability

Two corrections: The name of the dance troupe is spelled "Lajkonik". Also, the name of the food is "pierogi" (the word is already plural in Polish). A "pirogue" is a wooden canoe.

6 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by mczarnopys on 10/06/2016 at 10:40 AM

Re: “Pride 2016

Nice a media that censors. Great job deleting what ever you want and then cry about freedom of speech. What a bunch of hypocrites Tucson weekly is.

2 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Tucson Weekly Hypocrites on 09/27/2016 at 1:59 PM

Re: “Get Your Pride On

Poppers: This is primarily a "Gay Drug" used to enhance Sexual Organism. It's use is dangerous and should be discouraged by the LGBT!!!

2 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Francis Saitta on 09/27/2016 at 7:08 AM

Re: “Get Your Pride On

i wish i was gay

2 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Palisades on 09/24/2016 at 8:50 PM

Re: “Pride 2016

In Abby's section about the County and a health plan, "adult" should be adopt.
đź’ź jsn

4 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by TucsonPozRunner on 09/23/2016 at 11:29 PM

Re: “Pride 2016

Great article but a few mistakes need to be corrected: EON not ION youth program. Also, proofreading must be a lost least get the names correct.

6 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Anonymous on 09/22/2016 at 6:07 PM

Re: “On The Hook

History has shown that once a towing company gets a government contract they get nasty.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Susan Henshaw on 09/14/2016 at 4:42 PM

Re: “On The Hook

Not all towing is the result of police action. I suspect a large majority don't involve the police at all.
Also it is not up to towing company to charge people a penalty for towing their vehicle even if the owner of the vehicle is not blameless.

The real crime is that the motor vehicle department will fine you $500 If you don't sign over the the title to the tow company, even if you didn't know it was towed, like being in the hospital.
A person may not be able to pay the $300 or so to retrieve their vehicle. Doesn't mater how thousands of dollars profit the tow company makes selling it.
This is a bad law and should be repealed, it severely and unfairly penalizes people on a limited income.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by JDE on 09/14/2016 at 3:48 PM

Re: “Confessions of an eBay opium addict

Is this the same guy?

This opium article was wonderful prose to read, a sad warning though ):

Posted by Poppalina Jamponi-Mahoney on 09/04/2016 at 5:01 AM

Re: “Bennu Blast

Hell of a lot of typos in here. Also, this is a science brief, not a story. When was your audience 200-level astronomy students?

2 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Sean Ongley on 09/01/2016 at 10:06 AM

Re: “Food​ ​Insecurity

The government should feed these students just like the homeless. The parents are paying $25,000 for tuition each year and there just isn't anything left to buy food with. This is such an unfair country.

3 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Cornucopia County on 08/27/2016 at 4:06 PM

Re: “A Broke Student’s Guide

"Coffee is a vital part of college life." Interesting thesis. I got through college without drinking a single cup, and so can anyone else. If coffee were a necessary beverage, coffee plants would grow naturally in the local area.
The article indicates a lack of integrity on the part of the writer, mixing some serious and good information with some that is stupid and irresponsible. Is the Weekly so hard up for cash that they can't afford to hire a good writer?

2 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Starcommand on 08/26/2016 at 1:54 AM

Re: “Mensa mini-quiz

1. Palomino is a type of horse / breed and a color. It was classified as a horse type BEFORE the genetic component was understood. Yes, different breeds can have a tan color However, Palomino is still considered a "breed." Look it up on

2. YES. Questions that are knowledge based are absurd. No MENSA test would quantify a person's intelligence quotient using questions that would appear on Jeopardy, or in Trivial Pursuit. The questions are designed to test your ability to see patterns where most people see randomness; to problem solve, etc.

3. How is the last question a test of intelligence? Really, do highly intelligent people know that "incorrectly" is spelled incorrectly by smart people? My IQ is over 170 and I didn't know that. Why would I? Is there a cutesy clue in the question itself, like a "wink, wink" isn't this cute?

Posted by rcma on 08/24/2016 at 12:07 AM

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