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Comment Archives: stories: News & Opinion: Medical MJ

Re: “Roll Out

political montross superfluous to constructive legislation or legalisation. Just nonsense

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 11/29/2016 at 1:17 PM

Re: “Roll Out

Trump is not going to risk losing the support of the states that swung him into office, from Nevada to Florida. Marijuana is continuing to roll out.

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Posted by Sean Ongley on 11/27/2016 at 1:39 PM

Re: “Roll Out

Sessions said, "Good people don't smoke marijuana."

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Posted by Pima Mujer on 11/25/2016 at 12:46 PM

Re: “Roll Out

In my humble opinion, Sessions only has one thing in his favor. An unwavering support of the Second Amendment.

Other than that, he is an ass. He reminds me of Ashcroft, who was an unmitigated disaster and embarrassment as Attorney General.

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Posted by lc69hunter on 11/24/2016 at 8:37 AM

Re: “High Cost

Did you notice Nick had so much about the story he didn't mention who brought the suit. Just a little of the nuances of that are so persuasive from ADA but lack foundation.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 11/10/2016 at 9:25 AM

Re: “High Cost

Nick Meyers ; While he equates the cost burden and the revenue received from the Medical Marijuana program.

I see two entities in the whole of considerations cost and returned revenue.

The numbers come from the AZDHS/MMJ program on figures released in the annual report.

For every dollar spent on marijuana in AZ the cost to get it to the point of sell is $.079. Put most of the cost of hiring a doctor to oversee the operation 25 cents for doctor to oversee, security for the operation 21 cents, inventory control costs 21 cents, product labeling 12, patient records 8 cents.

So for every dollar you spend on medical marijuana. where do you see the doctor at the dispensary. Is this to be like the methadone clinics around town owned by doctors that charge insurance $125.00 for a daily dose? That cost figured on what it cost illegally so we can build a business to extrapolate by legal means the same costs? that kind of progressive thinking is that same thinking that has the cartels booming with the heroin trade. The legal pill mills DEA restrictions on pill mill doctors pushing them into the methadone and heroin markets. Now we have pill mill /dispensary owners now since the money is here they have found faith and are singing I found the light come on everyone let's sing together another verse legalize to find the light.

another 21 cents out of every dollar goes to security. This is another bogus fee hire my brother in law to transport retired police he has a business a security company so will pay them $125.00 hr. then we rent from associates cameras windows megalocks safes etc. We dont buy we rent from associates keeps cost high we can always lower prices by culling this wasteful regulated practice.

Then there is inventory control another 21 cents out of every dollar. The cost for that is negotiable it should be close to inventory control of liquor which is .002 cent per dollar according to the Alcohol board.

Then product labeling is .012 cent per dollar excuse me ?? Some dont label, some dont test, some just apply the label on the average they have tested in the last month. there is no standardized testing or labeling but you are paying for it now as if it was there like other states.

let's look at patient records keeping costs $.08 yea buy a inventory, patient record, sales, tax , labor & overhead program and server to handle all of this attribute the cost of this to each and every aspect of the line items listed above.

If prop 205 passed all the operation costs could be cut by 60% or better and after facilities are paid pure profit. The cost of the plant and the area to grow $.08 cents

Let's look at this industry that we want to change the marijuana laws for are they really protecting us from the illegal cartels. I believe it follows the other illegal markets in history. Loan sharking was less than payday loans about half. Alcohol was getting so expensive to the mob that even Capone himself said I should have sold milk the margin was better. In that he had to pay for extreme amounts measure to insure high profits and returns for all that had their hands out. So the Volstead act keeping it illegal and the enforcement killing rivals and collections.

Does this look anything like the legal proposed "Department of Marijuana License and Controls." With police officer rights and authority authority to conduct covert investigations and then report to the board and its administrative court that will have the right to seize and confiscate assets and property REALLY.

Everyone should be joyous that wolf has gone away for awhile. Get off your butts and get this done right for 2018. Stop all this back room dealings. If you bought a lottery dispensary and want to sell then it should go to a lottery system. The point of sell and production should be separate. Testing and distribution should be separate and I believe the state should be the sole distributor throughout the state. All product should go through a state authorized testing facility weight and control monitored. then sold to dispensaries. This would stop price fixing, large operations running out the small local people As well as making it unattractive for out of state and foreign investment.

As of fact since we are making this a state control only. Where it has total control I say no advertizing to commit a federal crime billboards print. No out of state investment only full time Arizona citizens can have access to any kind of corporate or administrative rights associated with any part of the AZ marijuana program. Make the laws reflect the restriction put on to the patient. After all it is them that are paying the price.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 11/10/2016 at 9:14 AM

Re: “High Cost

This is exactly why governments and corporations must be kept out of medical marijuana manufacturing and marketing, otherwise you are just replacing the illegal drug dealer with a more dangerous and exploitive pusher with the power of taxation, the courts and police. I still think the best solution is to allow individuals to grow and consume their own marijuana and prohibit any commercial sale of individually-grown marijuana. Commercial sale of Marijuana for medical use only should be permitted and regulated to ensure quality control, but absolutely do not let the pharmaceutical companies have anything to do with it whatsoever.

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Posted by sgsmith on 11/10/2016 at 8:59 AM

Re: “Oregon Congressman: Legalize It!

It is such a short time relief a good feeling and comfort to know the Medical Marijuana is still going to be with us and law for the foreseeable future.

Take a breath, take in what just happened, take time to reflect. What we will have from now on will be some of the most comprehensive general marijuana understanding ever.

About 100,000 mmj card patients. With the vote being 80,000 spread or 40,000 swing. I believe it is a very strong that 5% of MMJ card carrying patients educated themselves as to what the proposition said meant. Of that 5% that were passionate about how they conducted themselves with medication were appaled by this attempted rapeing of the MMJ program.

I honestly believe it is that 5 % of the mmj card carriers that influenced 4>5 vote around them. So if 5% of the card carriers who influenced 5 others not to pass 205. that would be 25 taken away or a 25 swing resulting in 50,000 for 205 it would have won.

ADA and the group take notice we are not all sheeps to the sheer.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 11/09/2016 at 10:05 AM

Re: “Oregon Congressman: Legalize It!

Jeffery Whatever? Ted Cruz? I dont follow delusional jabberings misinformation abounds just lies in and lies out so why vote to pass a lie

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 11/03/2016 at 5:25 PM

Re: “Oregon Congressman: Legalize It!

Ive served as an elected District Attorney in Conservative Texas. Every DA is on a limited budget. We have to make choices. I believe in strict punishment for violent offenders and burglars. I rarely gave probation. Unfortunately we had to deal with all these annoying pot cases. Even when pot users got probation the understaffed probation officers had to make sure they were in by 10PM Id rather they checked on sex offenders.]
Revenues are another reason to legalize. The Washington Post reports for 2015 Colorado gained 18,000 pot-related jobs and $2.4 billion in revenue. 2016 will be much better.

Use among teens has not increased both according to surveys from the Denver Post and Federal Government.

Its best to vote Yes.

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Posted by Steve Fischer on 11/03/2016 at 1:20 PM

Re: “Oregon Congressman: Legalize It!

Carpet Baggers - " forcing recreational marketing of marijuana" - is that anything like the "mandatory gay marriage" Ted Cruz kept talking about before Obergefell v. Hodges?

Frankly, the strongest argument supporting legalization of marijuana is the fact that the anti-legalization forces clearly believe that the only way they can win is by engaging in overt lies and outrageous distortions.

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Posted by Jeffrey Patten on 11/03/2016 at 1:18 PM

Re: “Oregon Congressman: Legalize It!

In the statement made here the Arrests for marijuana. We need to look at arrests for simple posession which is what prop 205 is about. Not about marijuana being present during other crimes and just an associate charge to force a plea bargain.

With prop 205 there are more felonies now associated with marijuana. Like Cold Water hash extraction would be a class 4 felony if 205 passed.

With each arrest then there is arrested and charged is not convicted. That would be a more accurate representation of how the Marijuana laws are enforced.

TASC a bogus drug counseling service contracted to do drug intervention for and to report the court. IF found guilty first time offences sometime and most the time a fine and away you go. If court ordered Drug Intervention program it's not working and never has. This is still being sponsored by 205 I dont see why all drug dependency cost Alcohol, tobacco, prescriptions, all the illicit chemical drugs have to be paid for off the Recreational Marijuana and throwing the Medical to the curb.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 11/03/2016 at 7:21 AM

Re: “Oregon Congressman: Legalize It!

What a pant load of tying population control in Central and South America to Nixon's War on Drugs.

While not a sole will support this war. However the powers forcing recreational marketing of marijuana are giving some very false information out.

We have a congressman telling Arizona what to do withinside the state. Whereas that action championing the Federal classification is void from his federal responsibility. He wants to front for the Oregonian producers that will provide a multitude of products. basically stifling Arizona.

I have been to Oregon seen their recreational operation, However this Congressman has no understanding of the way Arizona want to frame this special Department. Why are we paying through a PAC like MPP to pay travel and office contributions for an Organian Congressman to come here, is the work all done in Oregon?

I see support inside my elderly community however not for 205. In my weekly card bridge and canasta games and saturday golf. The word is getting out I had an edible while out at San Ignacio Golf Club. Grandma gave it to me one patient to another with the promise to get the word out NO on 205

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 11/03/2016 at 7:02 AM

Re: “Puff or Pass

listen for yourself done by a marijuana activist in Tucson.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 11/02/2016 at 12:55 PM

Re: “Fact Checks!

If you care to take about 45 minutes this is a great listen through of the final wording of the proposition. On your phone, on your wireless, while you're driving, sitting at Starbucks it seemed others wanted me to turn it up. I was having breakfast on the patio @ Marana Del Rey became to focus of about 15 around us.

This is the grass roots that grew into the Medical Marijuana and part grassroots that went to court to force it to be implemented. These People At Tumbleweeds serve a responsible community service in education in compassion. Grew in Tucson to be foundation of medical education care. Early on TumbleWeeds supplied patients, I recall every visit was a review of my ailment.

Times have changed, the market has changed, Incipient greed has not it still infests. While we all depend on growth, control of supply is not growth. So many publications are clamoring for advertizing dollars they are falling all over themselves to be the server to the public in print. With a simple legislative amendment no advertizing that would support a federal crime in facilitating to support. They just did it with attorneys.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 11/02/2016 at 11:07 AM

Re: “Fact Checks!

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Posted by Carpet Bagger on 11/02/2016 at 10:45 AM

Re: “Fact Checks!

@Nick Meyers: it was in 1492 that Columbus sailed the ocean blue, not 1442. Friends don't let friends toke and type.

@Francis Saitta: When you say that today's marijuana is not like the marijuana of the 70s and 80s, you are not talking about medical marijuana. You are talking about high-THC strains like "skunk." Comparing all the hundreds of marijuana strains available today to skunk is like comparing all chile peppers to habaneros, or comparing Coors to absinthe. Many medical marijuana users prefer strains that are actually lower in THC and higher in CBD. Such strains are less likely to produce potent psychoactive effects and more likely to engender pain relief. High-THC strains don't really do a whole lot for pain, as far as I know. I interact with people with chronic illnesses on a daily basis, particularly painful connective tissue disorders. Not all of them use marijuana, but the ones who do prefer the high-CBD low-THC strains that allow them to go about their day and function relatively normally while keeping their pain at a minimum. These patients do not want to be spaced out or "dazed and confused" all day. They want to lead healthier, more normal lives, and they feel that the appropriate strains of medical marijuana help them do that.

The FDA has approved Marinol, which is a marijuana derivative. The FDA has no jurisdiction over herbal medicines in general--this is why you can walk into Whole Foods and buy valerian or dandelion root or St. John's wort over the counter--and in any case they will not be able to approve marijuana as long as the DEA keeps marijuana at Schedule I status. If the DEA could be persuaded to recognize some of marijuana's medical benefits and downgrade it to Schedule II, then perhaps things might be different.

I understand your concern about users deciding to drop out of life and stay stoned all the time, but you could say the same of liquor, and our efforts at prohibiting that resulted in disaster. Note that, in all states where recreational marijuana use has been legalized, you have to be over 21 to buy it, and public use is usually illegal.

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Posted by Ex-Arizonan on 11/01/2016 at 7:09 PM

Re: “Fact Checks!

The "Medical Marijuana" of today is NOT like the Marijuana used in the 70's and 80's. Through Artificial Selection Experiments, strains of Marijuana have been developed by the Marijuana Drug Industry that substantially increase the potency of the Drug. As such, its' use poses serious potential consequences.

Marijuana of today is a Very Potent and Dangerous Drug!!!

Marijuana pipe found in car of driver charged in crash that killed Ann Day

Carmen Duarte Arizona Daily Star May 12, 2016.

Fatal road crashes involving marijuana double after state legalizes drug

Science News, May 10, 2016. Source: AAA

Summary: Fatal crashes involving drivers who recently used marijuana doubled in Washington after the state legalized the drug, according to the latest research. New research also shows that legal limits for marijuana and driving are arbitrary and unsupported by science, which could result in unsafe motorists going free and others being wrongfully convicted for impaired driving.…

Marijuana pipe found in car of driver charged in crash that killed Ann Day"; Carmen Duarte Arizona Daily Star May 12, 2016…

Fatal road crashes involving marijuana double after state legalizes drug: Science News, May 10, 2016

This Drug is effective in treating some medical conditions; Muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis, Nausea from cancer chemotherapy, Poor appetite and weight loss caused by chronic illness, such as HIV, or nerve pain, Seizure disorders (childhood epilepsy), and Crohn's disease. Purified extracts from whole-plant marijuana can slow the growth of cancer cells from one of the most serious types of brain tumors.

Research in mice showed that treatment with purified extracts of THC and CBD, when used with radiation, increased the cancer-killing effects of the radiation (Scott KA, Dalgleish AG, Liu WM. The combination of cannabidiol and ?9-tetrahydrocannabinol enhances the anticancer effects of radiation in an orthotopic murine glioma model. Mol Cancer Ther. 2014;13(12):2955-67.)

Scientists are also conducting preclinical and clinical trials with marijuana and its extracts to treat numerous diseases and conditions, such as the following:

1. Autoimmune diseases (diseases that weaken the immune system): HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis (MS), which causes gradual loss of muscle control

2. Alzheimers disease, which causes loss of brain function, affecting memory, thinking, and behavior
6.Substance use disorders
7.Mental disorders

The FDA has not recognized or approved the marijuana plant as medicine.

The Medical Marijuana Program in Arizona is a Big-Money-Making SCAM supported by the Marijuana Drug Industry and their Supporters in the Arizona Legislature!

Marijuana use for Medical purpose should be supported by Scientific evidence, including Clinical Trials, and regulated by the FDA; closely monitored by the tending Physician and State Department of Health."Medical Marijuana" should be available by Prescription only (in a Pharmacy) issued by a License Physician.

Congress should amend the Controlled Substances Act of 1970: Controlled Substances Act (CSA) (21 U.S.C. 811). making Marijuana available for Medical Treatment.

The major consumers of this Drug, if legalized for so-called recreational purposes, will be the younger generation; destroying the very fabric/future of our Democracy.

This Drug should NOT be legalized for recreational purposes!!!

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Posted by Francis Saitta on 11/01/2016 at 2:59 PM

Re: “Fact Checks!

That was not an encouragement for PAYDAY LOANS

It is a comparison as it as the same social impact the one least can afford pay the most.

These people are charlatans only here to extract as much out as the society will allow. The question is do we vote for unknown scary or the bird in the hand. Nothing can change in this prop if passed without voter state constitutional approval. With all the tax collecting campaigning against fair market department what can and will change.

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Posted by Carpet Bagger on 10/29/2016 at 4:26 PM

Re: “Fact Checks!

In fact, I started out against it because of things I didn't like, and then I realized, if not this, nothing. There will be no way to fix it if there is no yes on Prop 205. There will be no marijuana legalization and the cartels will celebrate. We take a step and Bernie has taught us this, we are strong, we are growing, we are heading for Independent Progressives 2020, and this is just another step in changing the trend of Koch and ALEC writing outrageous bills to protect their oil and coal in Arizona, their charter schools and their infringement on universities with big donations to guide which professors they want in place. It's time to move forward and it's time to approve legalization of marijuana, as imperfect as it is. Payday loans are killers of the poor, which is why we voted to stop them and fought off Brewer as she tried to reverse that decision. Now they have crept back as title and deed loans which are costing people their homes and cars. Why would you even want to encourage that!

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Posted by soundcloud on 10/28/2016 at 6:52 PM

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