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Re: “Legal Education

Comment by C C. (cjosea1010)
I too was fraced by a simular situation as Kelly Munsell. My issue was at the same school in 2004. I can totally relate to Kelly Munsell. She is a good person with much to offer students. I worked with her for many years. My situation was before hers and it too was swept under the rug. I alomost lost my job. Attorney General was of no help what so ever and I never had a lawyer. I too had a problem with my wrist and was sent in for a "fit for duty" exam that came back the same as Kelly Munsell's. This is the way of TUSD. When someone knows to much or becomes a threat this is the path that TUSD takes to get rid of it.... I was under the administration before the one that is there now. My principal is at a different school now. I know one other person who went through the same thing with the same principal as me with yet another wrist problem. She too lost her job and was forced to transfer to a different school. If they dont like you they get rid of you. It has nothing to do with what a good employee you are.

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Posted by C C. on 04/05/2009 at 11:17 PM

Re: “Tucson Salvage

This is a strong and very interesting and revealing piece of writing.
As revealing as it is, I am curious, but feel somewhat intrusive regarding Arthur's identity and privacy.
The story leaves me wanting more, but feeling somewhat embarrassed about my selfish curiosity.
Arthur seems like a sensitive man who by simply being himself, could teach us all something of significance and spirituality. He is comfortable in his own many of us can say the same?

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Posted by ronko on 11/16/2017 at 8:59 AM

Re: “Local Media Pros Som and Krystin Lisaius Indicted on Drug-Related Child Abuse Charges

You posted that four times, btw. Are you their dealer? :D

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Posted by R Alexandra Flyte on 06/28/2016 at 12:18 AM

Re: “Will Hispanics Help Elect Hillary in Arizona? 'Nah,' Said Jan Brewer, 'They don’t get out and vote.’

Arizona has only been a red State this long because of gerrymandering and because of all the snowbirds to stay here 6 months plus a week or two and end up voting in our elections so we end up with disgraceful Republicans like Evan Mecum Fife symington Jan Brewer and the mess that John McCain has become and now we've got our new idiot Governor ice cream who is doing his damnedest to make us look like some backward third-world shit hole. It's about time Arizona went blue again

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Posted by Steve Shoults on 10/21/2016 at 6:59 PM

Re: “Will Hispanics Help Elect Hillary in Arizona? 'Nah,' Said Jan Brewer, 'They don’t get out and vote.’

Ahora vas a ver, bruja! I've voted in every election since I was 18 and my parents followed me as soon as their citizenship was completed. You are so wrong, and we will prove it.

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Posted by C on 10/21/2016 at 10:42 PM

Re: “The Skinny

Hey McSally...just cause you have a (R) next to your name doesn't mean you have to vote in lockstep with the Republican agenda. The "heathcare bill" (actually it's just a huge tax cut for the very wealthy) will take away 28 million people's access to healthcare. Don't blame Trump for taking you down.... those low ratings are because people don't like your voting record.

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Posted by RobG on 06/08/2017 at 6:54 AM

Re: “Local Media Pros Som and Krystin Lisaius Indicted on Drug-Related Child Abuse Charges

Posting it three times isn't going to garner any sympathy. They're both drug addicts and need help. They're lucky their child didn't die. To hear you making excuses for their agregious behavior is pathetic. The 26 yr old "mom" obviously isn't mature enough to realize anything and everything can be transmitted thru breast milk. Her husband, who's almost old enough to be her dad, is more interested in being a big fish in a small pond with his little cokehead blonde by his side. And what exactly have these news reporters done that are "sacrifices to our society"??? They snort coke, look pretty, and report the news. Firefighters, Police Officers, and the Military are the ones "sacrificing for society". Disgusting

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Posted by Ericzona on 06/28/2016 at 12:35 AM

Re: “Local Media Pros Som and Krystin Lisaius Indicted on Drug-Related Child Abuse Charges

What they did to their baby was bad enough, but their attorney characterizing them as good parents and the incident as a "mistake" was disgusting. A mistake is when you forget to bring home cereal. A floppy, unresponsive baby is not the result of a mistake. That is abuse. On top of that, to protect themselves they wouldn't cooperate and allow a blood draw on the baby so the doctors could figure out exactly what was going on. Sorry guys, you are supposed to put your child's welfare first, not last.

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Posted by AZRLS on 06/27/2016 at 5:34 PM

Re: “The Big Spank!

Thank you for all the research you did preparing for this article Mari. I'm MrBB the writer of the above mentioned A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS) site. Ms. Haerreras contacted me a few months ago through email and has been trying diligently to understand the widely varied DD lifestyle dynamic and how it fits into the entire lifestyle community. Since DD is a very individual journey and open to interpretation, it is not an easy endeavor for even the most experienced of us to explain definitively. Ms. Herreras efforts are very appreciated and applauded.

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Posted by MrBB on 02/13/2013 at 8:11 PM

Re: “The Big Spank!

I don't understand why you didn't talk to the guy from the "adds" domestic discipline website. I looked at it and he looks like he has a lot of experience and the lady you talked to doesn't

I also agree with Thomas, the last two links don't look like they have anything to do with the subject in this article

I think that as long as what people do is consensual in their private life like what dd looks like from the website, no one should judge if a woman chooses to want their husband to lead their home. And how they do it is up to them.

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Posted by Marrianne on 02/13/2013 at 10:06 PM

Re: “Will Hispanics Help Elect Hillary in Arizona? 'Nah,' Said Jan Brewer, 'They don’t get out and vote.’

This neanderthal woman was elected by people who are either in their graves or are wearing their depends now. I mean look at her. She looks like someone from another planet; certainly from another century. Its hard to take someone from "yesteryear" very seriously except to say that what she represents and stands for is something that brings out the worst in human nature.I just isn she'd walk off the stage already. She had her moment! She wasted it.

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Posted by Thomas Borin on 10/21/2016 at 4:47 PM

Re: “The Skinny

Really?! THE TWEETS are the problem? How out of touch is she? Here's only some of the problem:
-Comments about journalists
-Unconstitutional Muslim ban
-Attempted gutting of domestic programs like Meals on Wheels
-Embarassment in the International field: Paris Climate Agreement
-Shady charity money laundering
-Encouraging a divisive government
-ACA repeal
-That STUPID wall

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Posted by George R. on 06/08/2017 at 7:03 AM

Re: “The Big Spank!

Domestic Discipline IS the lifestyle I live. Its not for everyone, but it helped my marriage and opened up communication and closeness. I think the author did a really good job with a very hard subject to cover!

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Posted by MA on 02/16/2013 at 10:05 AM

Re: “Why Lindsay Lohan's Endorsement of Romney Is Kinda Important

I'm more concerned about low-information "journalists" like you, David Mendez.

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Posted by sickofstupidcrapthatismeaningless on 10/12/2012 at 11:40 AM

Re: “UPDATED: What the Hell Happened in the Arizona Primary Yesterday?

Nullify this election in Arizona. Have everyone revote. Please it's not that hard to figure out. This is serious. EVERYONE should be able to vote. It's not about what they are going to do in the future. This is NOW. NOW needs to count NOW. It needs to be corrected NOW.

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Posted by Debra Neal on 03/23/2016 at 1:51 PM

Re: “Vazquez Departs KVOA; Sources Say She Was Involved in a Shoplifting Incident

Why does everyone think it was OK for her to steal? It's NOT OK!! When you're a "high profile" local celebrity ALL eyes are on you especially when you do something wrong. We wonder why prices are so high at the mall.....WE pay for what is stolen! She must've done it before and thought she could get away with it again. Shame on her!! And you don't need to play the hispanic card Mike412. It's a matter of breaking the law and getting caught, not race. Why should she get special treatment when we sure as hell wouldn't. She had a lapse in her decision to steal....I don't think we need to blame it on an "illness". She did wrong, she got caught, and KVOA let her leave on her own terms. I commend them for that gesture for her 26 years of being a so called upstanding employee.

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Posted by Debi Ouellette on 02/13/2012 at 9:21 PM

Re: “Tucson Salvage

What a great piece of writing. Thank you so much for writing about Arthur Conlee. For the last two years, I've passed him nearly daily standing -- leaning into traffic -- on Fifth Street between Swan and Columbus. I've always wondered what his story was and have often felt compelled to stop to see if he may need anything, but he seemed fine and as if he didn't want to be bothered. I also see him in a form of meditation when he's out there. He always seemed such a mystery and I thought I'd never know anything about him. I'm grateful for just the pinch of who he is and find it satisfying.

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Posted by Janneyrose on 11/16/2017 at 1:15 PM

Re: “The Skinny

Martha McSally's refusal to meet with constituents is an abdication of her duties as an elected official and is an indication that she is really representing only special interests - not the constituents who actually live in her district . She complains that she is unfairly being swept up with Trump but has voted his agenda consistently. Be brave McSally and take responsibility for your actions! Be brave and meet with constituents.

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Posted by BonnieD on 06/08/2017 at 7:12 AM

Re: “Rep. Martha McSally, Former Rep. Ron Barber, and Courage

Thank you for highlighting something we have been saying since the election. I would add that we made it very clear to the Congresswoman when we invited her to our Town Hall last Thursday (5 days before our public event) that we would be happy to work with her on a format for our event that would make her comfortable. Additionally, we are hiring TPD at our own expense to ensure her safety and ours. To keep the event civil and productive, our e-ticket requires that you agree to follow guidelines of civil discourse. We intend to have a list of ground rules on a large screen and 2 moderators that will help to enforce the ground rules. We communicated all of this to her and she hasn't bothered to reply except to call us operatives. If asking her to answer how she is representing us with the opportunity to ask follow up questions pointing out her own contradictory statements is an ambush, then maybe she is too fragile for this job.

Marion Chubon
McSally Take a Stand

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Posted by azlover on 02/08/2017 at 11:00 AM

Re: “The Skinny

Maybe her constituents consider her a twin sister to the president because she has voted 100% with his agenda, that it is not simply the (R) next to her name. McSally's voting record - especially her unwavering support for the "new improved" health care bill, you know, the "f*cking thing" she wanted to get done - speaks for itself. If she doesn't want to be compared to, or aligned with, Trump then perhaps not standing arm in arm with him would be a good first step. Her unwillingness to tell her constituents how she is going to vote on a bill (she was quoted saying something along the lines of "My vote is my business, you'll know what it is when I cast it on the floor" in response to constituents, like me, asking her how she's going to vote on bills) is a telling sign that she knows she's not voting in a away aligned with the people she is suppose to be representing. That instead she is voting her own agenda, which also happens to be Trump's agenda. Her whining and complaining at these out-of-district bankers is nothing more than her abdicating responsibility for her voting record. I have no sympathy for her "Oh, dear, my job has gotten so much harder since Jan 20th" - partially since I am 100% sure she voted for Trump in the election, but mainly because she has no sympathy or empathy for constituents, including the undocumented people living, working, and raising families within her district. Until she stands with us, I will not stand with her.

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Posted by Karla Cheselka on 06/08/2017 at 8:28 AM

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