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Re: “Premises Park

Premises Park indoor skate park. BMX and freestyle scooters too. Premises also has a full BMX, skateboard and scooter shop.

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Posted by premisespark on 10/13/2019 at 12:27 PM

Re: “Turn Your Life Around

OMG...HORRIBLE,DISGUSTING, FILTHY PLACE,WITH NOTHING BUT DRUG ADDICT OLD HAGS WORKING THERE....Were do I start...I went in there to get info on services, which online they said they offer , n I get down there and The "LADY" I SPOKE WITH Stated they No Longer do that. UMMM FALSE ADVERTISING!!!The " SO CALLED Owner/ Director" <------I use that as loosely as she is!!! Cheryl/Jane..what ever her Fake as a plastic Botched face name is.. I dont know why she kept calling her selfs ..yes I said selfs on PURPOSE cuz she was telling , the people in there she has 2 names, she thought it was funny, she mite have multiple personality disorder, or maybe the DRUGS., I'll go with option # 2 DRUGS! She looks like that "CAT LADY" who had all those Botched surgeries..HAAAHAA. SO TRUE! Any who...she openly admits taking a bunch of Narcotics, and states she drinks. And used to be a Heroin Addicit , for 20 years she Claimed.She thinks she NOT an ADDICT now, bcuz she said Doctors prescribe them to her cuz she" needs them"... Oh honey, we all need them! She disclosed all this info with in me being there for 20 minutes...No joke! She was so high flying around that office she couldnt even sit down. I was actually scared she was going to O.D, SHE APPEARED TO BE SLURRING her words, and she had on sunglasses dark ones inside the office the whole time I was there, mind u , it was almost dark out, she kept getting up n down going in the back, and front over and over again, all while talking to me, and others and YELLING down the halls so we can hear her as she flew around the office..That Bee-Itch looked SOOOO COKED OUT!!She wore the skankiest outfit, that day I was there, SHE WAS acting like shes 16 yrs old, it's so gross , her old ass saggy skin flapping around every where! And then this other lady came out she looked like a hippie witch with a big pointy nose , Wrinkled to hell face, her makeup which was hideous , looked folded into her saggy skin, and long nasty dry-rotted Gray and yellow frizzy hair giving everybody that was there the most nastiest looks, or maybe that is how her dry rotted rat face always looks, but just by looking at her, for the 5 mins I seen her, you know she stinks from the inside out! She looks like one miserable fat old lady, with NO LIFE ,that you know her husband cheats on her and has sex with younger Beautiful women because she is so nasty and disgusting nobody would want to touch Or sleep with her!.She looks like the kind that could only get a big fat sweaty stinky black man 2 do something with her! And another lady in the front with nasty piranha teeth , looking like she had Jaundice, no make up, looked hung over, or like if she has 1,got beaten by her Man, n had been crying, with super huge swollen bags under her eyes started checking in people while I was there, shes just as old and nasty n just as disgusting as the other two old hags , you can tell she is one of those ex drug addicts that still takes pills and drinks she looks like a used up BAR HOR! I ALMOST thought this was a BROTHEL HAHA.So the reason of this post is to warn others, of all the crazy hags working there. They Need to be in these so called substance abuse, and Drug addict classes themselves . How can you be on all the NARCOTICS N ALCOHOL, BUT YET ,RUN THE PLACE,AND COUNSEL OTHERS??? YOU WILL TRIGGER OTHERS , WHO ARE THERE TO REALLY GET N WANT HELP..And then she said it was a NON PROFIT, BUT PIRRANAH TEETH WITH THE DOLLAR STORE DYED BLONDE HAIR WAS CHARGING PEOPLE FOR CLASSES.. I looked up online and read reviews after I left...I should have done my research 1st..But u live n Learn I guess. SO PEOPLE PLEASE BEWARE, AND I BEG YOU...BEG YOU...PLZ GO SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES! IM SO NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING TO THE SLIGHTEST DEGREE! Just Be careful where you go for treatment, cuz by going there. You are feeding all these OLD HAGS ADDICTIONS. The people there for their classes looked and acted more NORMAL AND CLEAN THAN THOSE EMPLOYEES! It's actually very sad to see them so hideously used up and abused. They should ALL GET HELP N FAST!

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Posted by Nunya Alyton on 10/13/2019 at 1:02 AM

Re: “Sher-E Punjab

There are several good Indian restaurants in Tuscan, but this one is not one of them. Horrible service, and arrogant management is enough to ruin your dining experience. We are vegetarian and ordered a vegetarian soup, but were instead served a chicken soup. When we noticed something fishy after eating a couple of spoons, we called manager who informed us that it was a chicken soup, But to our surprise and shock, rather than apologizing, he trivialized it as a minor mistake. To a vegetarian serving non-veg is certainly a big mistake, but this gentleman said such mistakes do happen and so what if this has happened to us. Instead of feeling sorry, he insisted that he had done a favor to us by admitting that it was a chicken soup. He went to the extent that he is running this restaurant for 20 years and he doesn't care about my experience or any adverse review I may write,

Avoid this place if you do not risk ruining your dining experience.

Posted by Brijesh Gupta on 09/28/2019 at 10:43 PM

Re: “Greasewood Park

there web site and posted signs post the ours at 7am until 10 pm. I walk my dog there and they never ever open at 7. more like 8am or many times later. On Sunday Sept 15th the gates were still closed at noon. Someone just does not care. They do not return phone calls as stated on there phone service.

Posted by RON LACH on 09/18/2019 at 7:31 AM

Re: “Bianchi's Italian North

This place has it all! Great food, bar with great drinks and happy hour, separate dining area with a room for special events, large covered patio, multiple indoor/outdoor tv's for your favorite teams, arcade, and friendly staff!

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Posted by czh777 on 09/14/2019 at 10:03 PM

Re: “Catalina Foothills High School Auditorium

Eric Holtan--a former music teacher convicted of molesting teenage students. Eric Holtan is the founder and conductor of True Concord. He served time in prison for his crimes and your support is an affront to the victims of sexual abuse.

Here is an article from 1999 regarding his crimes:

According to the criminal complaint filed..., Holtan admitted having consensual affairs with the two students from 1994 until 1998. The complaint said he told police he used "poor judgment" in getting involved with the girls. But he said he believed they were 16 at the time. That additional year in their ages is the difference between first-degree and third-degree sexual conduct.

According to a Tucson Citizen story, Holtan had sexual contact up to 50 times with these two female students (based on complaint filed).
If you doubt the validity of this information here is a direct link to his record (this is available online):

Posted by JJMadison on 09/13/2019 at 6:42 PM

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