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Comment Archives: stories: News & Opinion: Medical MJ

Re: “Higher Ground

Happy to see a new a new face coming to the market all these new expansions all competing for that hmmm thin profit line.

I see the returns are out for the TW cannabis bowl. Looks like thousands dedicated customers great for us. lots of patients that took the time to get to use this medication and prepare counseled for a mmj card.

Perhaps an alcohol card possible, to make that consumer as responsible? Seeing a doctor annually to talk about your alcohol consumption go over medical records and a cheap inexpensive license to buy use and consume. That is rediclious I know but in a parallel world, like all things being equal a point to ponder?

As far as the strains go it varies from grow to grow, as well as grower to grower. I do hope they become more consistent will stop in a few of the new places open. I really like having more convenient place's around town.

In my now close to 70's now was at the 4th ave smoke out in protest of Nixon's marijuana and paraquat and Monsanto a whole different time and era.. One thing stays the same some identify with marijuana, some use marijuana as an Identity. When legalized how many I see with lose to me what seems to be their whole identity ?

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 04/19/2018 at 12:15 PM

Re: “Striking Oil

I have had some "I lava" I believe it was a 300mg vape cartridge it was like hitting pinion cedar bark rolled in newspaper (adolescent experience )

I am sure the product is getting better, some day I might try it again. I dont believe there is a contestant amount of medication in oils, cartridge's or shatter industry wide. The inconstancy's in my 2 years of trying them has me going to and staying with flower.

My form of using is to maintain a constant amount of an Indica in my system, for me less fluctuations and more control of the high and feeling nerve contractions subsiding. When I feel an exacerbation coming in public I flex so much that I get exhausted.

If allowed to go and medicate. I do often small amounts but consistent to about 1/2>3/4 oz weekly. I can stay out and active this can become expensive and has. Stain salads work the best for me if Indica based.

So I do hope with the support of the community the industry a more consistent product will be available. Each cookie will have the same amount of chips so to speak. I believe the Legislature and the industry are working towards this.

Now the elephant in the room schedule one. AT every opportunity ask your candidate who ever, where ever, whatever platform, where their platform on cannabis is ? THIS IS ELECTION YEAR make them defuse the bomb before it goes off after Nov 3rd

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 04/19/2018 at 11:51 AM

Re: “Higher Ground

While eastbound on Speedway at Kolb, there was a sign spinner for a dispensary/certification on the south side, west of Kolb. Any information on who that is?

Posted by johnparadox on 04/19/2018 at 8:28 AM

Re: “Concentration Complication

This is interesting like California the state tax how applied. So much for he flower and a different rate for the parts and pieces. This story excluded on the parts and pieces and focuses on the flower.

Then lets not forget to what goes into flower. Lower parts of the plant in quality and presentation, that dont look presentable as well as shake after packaging process. All of this should be accounted as parts and pieces at a lower tax rate. As it appears now all want the most out of the crop report all as flower. Then being taxed the higher rate when they should be taxed on the overburden rate.

As California is finding out this is where the skim can and will happen. I have no doubt the amount of flower it take to make viable medicine. The stain and extraction methods, environmental mishaps all of these come to play on supplying viable concentrates. which is why it needs to be open national markets with the repeal of schedule one.

If we are going to use concentrates and prescribe them in dosages then they need to be consistent. Not regulated to just produced in this state, if we are going to use this and go down this road then we owe it to the patient to get the best available CA, WA, OR ,PA DE,

So let me get a bunch of half the piece sign here.
lets say all produced product had to be tested, separated for quality and intended use, extracted by processor on site processed oil and flower then returned to retailer for sale. When the retailer packager edible maker pick up their product the tax is collected at the time. This could be and should be administered by the AZ agricultural department.

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Posted by Robert Ruckman on 04/12/2018 at 9:00 AM

Re: “On the Move

Progress takes time the remarkable weight in the legislative movement is great.

The packaging with the kids is just a cry for the enforcement desire on the hope monies from Marijuana will fall into the retirement of the FOP. Hire a bunch of retired police to mull around making squeaks of criminal and needs for more monies. Next a picture of the zig zag man will be enticing and need to have all packing preapproved by enforcement before sales.

So we see enforcement represented in this where is hmm "Education" ? Or is that the control group in the AZDHS/MMJ that take studies by non peer reviewed and applies them as standards in the AZ program ? This is probably a good thing as it can adapt to national standards as the come along.

I for one would love to see study as opposed to a really undefinable term such as education. I believe the term and target should be study. Then published without copy write open public knowledge.

I dont know about those like me over 60 that have multiple ailments that qualify. I dont feel at ease at most dispensaries like most my age that have children (5) false fronts are as easy to see as who's laundry is left in the washer.

I would like to see a group of over 55 that meets for dysphoria related to marijuana. As we see there is substance groups out that that want to and try to link all substance into a single diagnose of substance abuse. However they try to divide themselves from compulsive behavior into a single group of substance. (which means it goes nowhere) Just dollars poured into the vast pit called education with no target or mile stone to measure. All come down to here it is, it is now up to the individual which completes the circle, of we did our job.

As far as dispensaries some are on slim margins. Business decisions such as long term leases, expansion, labor allocations, locations, all are operational problems of the owner welcome to the world. They have been given special considerations for startup expansion, time to get on the assembly line like everyone else. If a retail outlet in Tucson is owned by a person in Phoenix. Then has the grow in Phx for ease of commute but costly to operate in Tucson. That's a business decision and burden by the owner, if it goes under so be it. If the grow leased long term to have the property owner pay cost for upgrades now found to be unrecoverable by market forces. NOT the patients problem or should be.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 04/05/2018 at 11:01 AM

Re: “Persistent Protection

Big "Pharm" has lined the pockets of politician's by donations for them to keep the market and profits only for them.
Solution - Term limits. Vote them out.
It works for the office of President.

Posted by Dave Hogate 1 on 04/05/2018 at 9:15 AM

Re: “Persistent Protection

A reprieve...

Posted by lc69hunter on 03/29/2018 at 9:12 PM

Re: “Cannabis Court

take a minute please;

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 03/27/2018 at 10:21 AM

Re: “Cannabis Court

Take a few minutes if you are about current legislation and the
US Senate view of Marijuana. In this Video if allowed this latest spending bill 03/23/2018. Reinstates the State Marijuana approach that was under RohrabacherFarr amendment.

In the Video it becomes abundantly clear that MPP would prefer to keep Marijuana ILLEGAL and on SCHEDULE 1. By doing so this makes this lobbing group a impromptu legal representative for each state.

Just think if this lobbying group MPP that changed it's whole face on 2016 to all corporate attorneys. They might no longer represent dysphoric banking and investors. They might have to reveal all investors and contributors

If the Schedule was changed to 2 and kept illegal by each states laws. We still have the equal protections issue but those will always be a constant for federal debate and judicial response.

Still this year or next year we need to be looking for a change in the Scheduling. WHERE IS McSally, Ward on this, Flake is a Flake and McCain will always go along with what he thinks is the better good no matter who loses. It will take republicans to do this as it did with the civil rights and voting rights and marriage issues, slavery, EPA on and on and on. Why is it up to the Republicans it is simple it can get done because there is less hands to grease DUH. And it is spread further more equally distributed.

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Posted by Carpet baggers on 03/26/2018 at 8:35 AM

Re: “Cannabis Court

Does it seem like a good thing following other states that have legalized.

Going forward in growing, testing, marketing, distribution, licensing, banking, business standards. All have to be written and published as rules of government oversight in this industry. This means limited ability backroom shady deals as proposed by MPP ADA & prop 205

The shift to oversight to the Department of Agriculture in 18 months a year and a half is a good move. It shakes out like this all of these hmm caregiver growers need to up there game water & air filter & testing systems need to be implemented. Larger limits on grow areas the size of the area should not be overseen by the Agriculture Dept just the process.

A group of associated caregiver growers should make up 501-(c)(3) aside from the Hedge Fund, LCC, junk bond, private equity, ADA pundits that now make up the representatives and lobbyist of the Arizona Marijuana industry. A Industry that would like to see those caregiver growers out.
These slick Willy types loan monies to shill fronts like Veterans, Education, Women, with help with design location and such all the while the ownership and debt are held by a few. When all marijuana business are recognized by the federal government with operating deductions and allowed to set aside monies for pensions and retirement and liabilities. There is a windfall just waiting to happen for those investors. We are so lucky they are not sitting in the seat of "Department of Marijuana" shilling out monies extorted.

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Posted by Carpet baggers on 03/23/2018 at 7:50 AM

Re: “Payson Party

He'll ya I wana move to Payson now!

Posted by Chris Almeraz on 03/18/2018 at 4:22 PM

Re: “Maybe it’s Marijuana

In response to the person who said: "It is just stupid for a responsible governmental agency to say replace one addiction with another."
Methadone (an opioid) has been used for 30 years to treat opium addiction. So unless you have a cure or another treatment for opioid addiction, I suggest you rethink your opinion. Certainly it is preferable to take a prescribed, doctor monitored, inexpensive drug as opposed to being addicted to an opioid which is bought on the street with all the behavior that goes with it ie prostitution, breaking and entering, etc. People behave better on the alternative drugs, which are also safer. If you really are interested in why you would use one drug to replace another see online "Hartford Dispensary."

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Posted by Elizabeth on 03/16/2018 at 9:52 PM

Re: “Maybe it’s Marijuana

Devon Walker, & Brian Kelly
I have a simple question how can any positives be gained when kept in a box, box called SCHEDULE ONE.

We can allude to all of the positives, we can say alcohol and opioids are terrible and marijuana is much better safer.

For this to happen legalization is the ticket. As we see the California legalization efforts rolling out. We can look at Colorado and Washington 5 years now in the legalization.
Just what is the focus of these states and the legalization efforts and results?
It is and always will be the the triad called control. the three corners of this are "enforcement, education,director"
So the results of these efforts to legalization is not for public medical concerns as both are talking about but MONEY.
The only education that a governing agency can recommend is a FEDERAL LEGAL ONE. All of the studies and results are completely superfluous to state governments that rely on FEDERAL MEDICAL ASSISTANCE by agreement cant recommend anything on schedule one.
Yea all of these bloggers that are moaning about the inequities of marijuana laws then want to build a house of straw against the wolf. I have an idea starve him out repeal SCHEDULE ONE.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 03/16/2018 at 8:49 AM

Re: “Maybe it’s Marijuana

:::"SAM's criticism mostly relied on the difference between correlation and causation"

Yet they do not mention the correlation vs causation argument for their own talking points, which often rely on studies and reports that show simple correlations without claiming causation. However SAM routinely implies that these associations demonstrate causation.

The smartest approach to marijuana begins with honest, accurate, balanced information.

Nearly every claim by SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) is disputed or refuted by the scientific community. This makes every monetary claim in their anti-legalization reports groundless for the most part. In their "cost of legalization" reports they do not even attempt to include any data regarding positives of legalization other than predicted tax income. For example, money will be saved from far fewer arrests, prosecutions and incarcerations for sales/possession, yet this data is not factored into their reports.

SAM founders/leaders have strong ties to the addiction treatment industry which will greatly benefit from forced court-related treatment referrals that inevitably occur under prohibition. This is likely part of the reason why they fight legalization.

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Posted by Devon Wallace on 03/16/2018 at 5:36 AM

Re: “Maybe it’s Marijuana

"Marijuana is 114 times safer than drinking alcohol"…

"Marijuana may be even safer than previously thought, researchers say"

"Marijuana may be even safer than previously thought, researchers say New study: We should stop fighting marijuana legalization and focus on alcohol and tobacco instead By Christopher Ingraham February 23

Compared with other recreational drugs including alcohol marijuana may be even safer than previously thought. And researchers may be systematically underestimating risks associated with alcohol use.

Those are the top-line findings of recent research published in the journal Scientific Reports, a subsidiary of Nature. Researchers sought to quantify the risk of death associated with the use of a variety of commonly used substances. They found that at the level of individual use, alcohol was the deadliest substance, followed by heroin and cocaine."…

"The report discovered that marijuana is 114 times less deadly than alcohol. Researchers were able to determine this by comparing the lethal doses with the amount of typical use. Through this approach, marijuana had the lowest mortality risk to users out of all the drugs they studied. In factbecause the numbers were crossed with typical daily usemarijuana is the only drug that tested as "low risk."…

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Posted by Brian Kelly on 03/15/2018 at 11:35 AM

Re: “Maybe it’s Marijuana

Marijuana consumers deserve and demand equal rights and protections under our laws that are currently afforded to the drinkers of far more dangerous and deadly, yet perfectly legal, widely accepted, endlessly advertised and even glorified as an All American pastime, alcohol.

Plain and simple!

Legalize Marijuana Nationwide!

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Posted by Brian Kelly on 03/15/2018 at 11:34 AM

Re: “Maybe it’s Marijuana

This idea that marijuana self administered (taxed) can replace self administered opioid/heroin addiction (non taxed).

Sorry; I am not onboard with that either.

It is just stupid for a responsible governmental agency to say replace one addiction with another.

It seems the author misses the whole point the reason for the addiction might be contemplated as well as genetics. Alcoholism

Marijuana has innumerable qualities for diabetes for nerve impulses far and beyond not yet pondered.

However addiction, therapeutic forms to be developed and existing market providers are in constant battle of righteous indignation of the other.

There can only final determination o this is to REPEAL SCHEDULE ONE! Only then can real quantitative study be done.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 03/15/2018 at 8:06 AM

Re: “Testing Trials

Another point!
If half a million Arizona residents are figures to use Marijuana what is the reason to get a license? If this amount of the population already has the ability to acquire the product why get it legally (licensed) if only for recreational use? Does this turn a large amount of AZ/MMj license holders into defacto street dealers? I this a alternative nano supply income market for the really economically disenfranchised. ( as tradesmen/service and such)

I do recall a person a knew of limited abilities and understanding. A wonderful scared individual whom lived off a meager trust inheritance to supplement sold joints in coffee shops in the 80's>90's. Then would save his money and shop a ounce and sit around and sell this for pennies. Like in Mexico those street people selling 4 pieces of chicklets meager to unimaginable poverty. So one night local Tucson High punks (gang) followed him home did a home invasion in his 200 SQ foot apt with a toilet sink and no cooling shot/killed his dog robbed him of his saved ounce monies. Has this changed?
Question; Will gangs stop robbing if found not to make this one profitable. Without this market force of legality will values still be worth what the are on both legal and illegal. There is a thought about that somehow Marijuana legalization will curtail Cartel activity. Doubtful there is always expansion of all the time traditions of VICE and Extortion. The very idea that government can license Vice to control it is extortion duh!

IF Marijuana continues to be a social/political endeavor then it will always be in a defensive mode. If one truly believe in a medicinal properties of this plant they would send request to the Federal officials in this state for the removal of schedule one.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 03/09/2018 at 7:41 AM

Re: “Testing Trials

Nick Meyers; Several points I dont agree on the summation of a political ideology.
1-That a Government regulation from the "Department of Agriculture" as apposed to a" Department of Marijuana License and Controls" is burdensome?

A department that you supported if 205 had passed on the ballot. The same department that in it's proposal encompassed the Department of Agriculture.

So am I to take that the prop 205 was just a ruse to protect the suppliers of Marijuana at the detriment of the patient. Would this department if conceived done innumerable HARM ?

This legislation took away so much of what the legalization proposition was proposing. It will bring Arizona inline with other surrounding states in organizational alignment and controls.

As far as margins are thin yea YAWN. Checks in the mail, I will love you for ever after tonight, dog ate my report. Just think of the windfall they will have when market prices are set. Then moved from schedule one to two ! All assets will be depreciating assets and allow to deductible operating expenses a huge windfall.

So really to lift the burden off of everyone and everything in this is to repeal Schedule One the only real target.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 03/09/2018 at 4:43 AM

Re: “White Lawmakers on Dope

Mike Weisse; WOW seems like you also ride in the same boat. 2064 is dead and so is about Dr. Friese reelection.
As I stated the amended version came from Leach as is the quote. 02/26/2018 house only voted to revisit not to pass and that was by Leach in the next 14 days we will see. But probably pass OH by the way both 2067/2067 are listed in he Arizona state Legislator As the prime sponsored by Leach. I will post the web site for you to look them up if that helps here it is.
When get to the web site you see the box upper right just type in the bill number only and it will take you right there. I hope this helps.

2067 was watered down to mean What? has not gone to the Senate doubtful it will pass with the amendment another we will see.

Bill 1420 needs to happen and the director needed the legislate to make this happen. I dont think so but happy it did I went by a place had this tier BS going. I ask what made a tier value, he said quality of product. Great and the quality is rated by what? re; Dude it better alright. Went to another place best tested was 20% thc "TOP TIER" in Seattle average is 24% top quality is 30's.

As far as Pamela Hannely this is enough for me to go with. The "ME TOO" rekindling the ERA. OK best of luck they dont resonate in anyway with me. I dont see the commitment with MMJ with so much other on her plate.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 03/03/2018 at 2:49 PM

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