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Re: “Yes We Cannabis

Best of fortune with your endeavor I hope success in so many ways.

I do have this mental quandary on addiction. I have been a medical patient since the beginning 2010 I have a dual need. I used since the 60's stopped or rarely for 20 years diabetes related complications started using as a therapy with great results.

It is so much different today, lots of marketing, lots of monies, lots of laws, lots of regulations, lots of boards, lots of enforcement, all say they have the solution. I am still having how these (have it all's) built the problem to solve it.

Why is addiction of the abused illegal drugs the only focus on the marijuana monies? Is that thinking like opening the barn doors and only losing half the stock? This line of thinking only follows the failed drug war with putting stupid to solve stupid and paying big bucks to do it in so many ways the cost is seen when lost.

The most tragedy and deaths in my family both drug and alcohol, when one is not available the other is. Alcohol has killed more in my family over the years and caused more tragedy.

For myself I would no more want to be grouped with opium addicts and I would alcoholics when I am neither. I do understand that I am addicted to marijuana to keep moving after years of physical abuse to body exacerbated by complication of being a down winder.

So if I am an addict I am not an associated addict of one thing or another. I resent that the focus is on opium then associating so much of marijuana to opium. The extreme restricting of pain killers and reining by the DEA on pill mills the powers that be (immoral) figure widening the variety of product with help throttle use and pay for it's in advance. This logic in my view is the definition of obscene when leaving out the biggest abusing product of abuse and addiction.

This is my biggest in the separation of MMJ and alcohol. If your going to legalize open fair trade market keep the legal in the "Alcohol and Tobacco and Marijuana Board" the medical stays with where it began with the AZDHS. Addiction is a community social problem not an associated by addiction problem talk about separation profiling social ostracization. No body wants to open the Pandora's box of sexual and gambling addiction just look at the profits there and the devastation. SB1494 here we come more money more profiling more associated to be regulated so more problems to solve

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 10/25/2019 at 7:50 AM

Re: “Seeds of Conflict

Arizona has the worst rate for retention of ex employees of any state. The rehiring of retired any civil servant is simply stupid.

There is no company military or working government that does not replenish it's labor pool with young bright and given opportunity for advancement.

This is not the case in Arizona every retired educator police practitioner prosecutor will be clamoring for billing rights to MMJ monies. I would say we need young and growth so limit no civil servant retirees will be hired contracted consulted to be used by MMj monies invest in the future and the young.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 10/18/2019 at 12:58 AM

Re: “Seeds of Conflict

New Mexico legalized by legislature. Exclusive grow and license permits but recommends and support community smoke lounges. If a community which is allowed to restrict use and sale then it will be excluded in the distribution of the tax revenues from Marijuana.

I read it as a way to combat the extreme alcohol related issues that plague the state. Tax revenues are given to primary education.

Illinois made anything under convictions 200 grams or under automatically expunged. Illinois does not use marijuana and the harshness of penalties to force plea bargains on other offences. Pima county has the highest of plea's per charge of any prosecutors office. Good Bye LaWall

SB1494 already is setting up the division in the department of Health Services. Ducey will give a constant unregulated funding source through this department.

Producer buy of bad products like USDA crop insurance paid by the user. Producers that ship to other states will be paid for testing and bad product reimbursement by this slush fund being set up.

Storage of product to keep highest product cost or donation of product and write off to be destroyed to keep highest cost.
No accounting of gift donations uses or contributors or cap.
This bogus board of billing bafoons want to divert monies for addiction while turning it's back on the most addictive products sold alcohol and tobacco. Want to give 40% to police for training and education now there's a fleecing " I was being educated on how to train"

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 10/18/2019 at 12:37 AM

Re: “Seeds of Conflict

It may be better for the legislature to do this, but they won't. I believe that only in Illinois did a legislature step forward; the others were done by initiative. Heck, the AZ Legislature couldn't even ban cockfighting.

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Posted by Jamie Massey on 10/17/2019 at 8:12 AM

Re: “Seeds of Conflict

All laws, whether by legislation, or initiative, have unintended consequences, and need tweaking. The problem with a citizen's initiative such as this, is that it, for the most, would be unfixable by the legislature.
IMHO, this is something that should be done by legislation rather than by initiative.

I have no skin in this game, however, because as a CCP holder, I am forbidden the use.

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Posted by lc69hunter on 10/17/2019 at 7:44 AM

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