2011 TAMMIES Winners List 


Band/Musician of the Year

Calexico (C), 32.9 percent

Runners up:

2. Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl (R), 19.3 percent

3. Broken Romeo (R), 13.8 percent

4. Seashell Radio (C), 13.5 percent

5. Gabriel Sullivan and Taraf de Tucson (C), 11.3 percent

6. Silver Thread Trio (C), 9.3 percent

Up-and-Coming Artist(s) of the Year

Dead Western Plains (C), 21.2 percent

Runners up:

2. Alien Jane (R), 20.9 percent

3. Kiss and the Tells (C), 19.6 percent

4. A Fall to Break (R), 16.8 percent

5. Acorn Bcorn (C), 10.8 percent

6. Stareater (C), 6 percent

7. Otherly Love (C), 4.8 percent

Best New Release (Since May 2010)

The Tryst, Truth Be Told (R), 26.8 percent

Runners up:

2. Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl, Children of Fortune (R), 17.6 percent

3. Seashell Radio, What Do You Have Against Happiness? (C, R), 16.5 percent

4. ... music video?, If This TV Could Talk (C, R) 12.2 percent

5. A Fall to Break, September Falls (R), 10.7 percent

6. Dead Western Plains, "Alta" 7-inch (C) 9 percent

7. Kevin Pakulis Band, Shadesville (C) 7.2 percent



Tom Walbank (C, R), 33.4 percent

Runners up:

2. Bryan Dean Trio (R), 21.3 percent

3. Kristen Chandler (C, R), 17.3 percent

4. Stefan George (R), 16.5 percent

5. Sunny Italy (C), 11.5 percent


The Dusty Buskers (C, R), 47.3 percent

Runners up:

2. Cadillac Mountain (R), 34.1 percent

3. Greg Morton Band (C, R), 18.6 percent


Al Perry (C, R), 37.9 percent

Runners up:

2. The Wyatts (C, R), 28.1 percent

3. Loren Dirks and Gila Bend (C), 18.4 percent

4. Hank Topless (R), 15.5 percent

Cover Band

80's and Gentlemen (C), 27.7 percent

Runners up:

2. Vintage Sugar (R), 25.9 percent

3. Kiss and the Tells (C), 25.6 percent

4. Zsa Zsas (C), 20.8 percent


Matt McCoy (C, R), 37.1 percent

Runners up:

2. Dibs (R), 24.2 percent

3. O/W/L/S (C), 21.3 percent

4. Carl Hanni (C), 17.3 percent


... music video? (C, R), 43.5 percent

Runners up:

2. Not Breathing (C), 31.4 percent

3. Zackey Force Funk (C), 25.1 percent


Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl (C, R), 31 percent

Runners up:

2. Leila Lopez (C, R), 27.9 percent

3. Silver Thread Trio (C), 20 percent

4. Amber Norgaard (R), 11.3 percent

5. Amy Rude (C), 9.9 percent


The Tryst (C, R), 39.2 percent

Runners up:

2. Kiss and the Tells (C), 25 percent

3. Funky Bonz (R), 19.2 percent

4. Cosmic Slop (C, R), 16.6 percent

Hip Hop

Shaun Harris (C, R), 34 percent

Runners up:

2. People From the Sun (C), 32.1 percent

3. Isaiah Toothtaker (C, R), 18.4 percent

4. CCS Crew (R), 15.5 percent


The Tryst (R), 46.2 percent

Runners up:

2. Rosano Bros Virtual Quartet (C, R), 23.8 percent

3. Matt Mitchell (C, R), 16.5 percent

4. Jazz Telephone (C), 13.5 percent

Latin Jazz/Salsa

Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta (C, R), 45.6 percent

Runners up:

2. Salvador Duran (C), 28.4 percent

3. Hollywood Knights (R), 19.9 percent

4. Duo Libre (C), 6.1 percent


Aztlan de Pueblo High School (C), 53 percent

Runner up:

2. Luz de Luna (C, R), 47 percent


Love Mound (C), 27.2 percent

Runners up:

2. Stands With Fists (R), 23.7 percent

3. The Bled (C), 20.3 percent

4. Animus Divine (R), 16.2 percent

5. The Gallery (C, R), 12.6 percent


Monster Pussy (R), 32.9 percent

Runners up:


3. Bricktop (R), 20.6 percent

4. Lenguas Largas (C), 15.7 percent


Neon Prophet (C, R), 52 percent

Runners up:

2. Planet Jam (C, R), 26.7 percent

3. SKITN (C, R), 21.3 percent


Broken Romeo (R), 28.3 percent

Runners up:

2. Dead Western Plains (C), 22.6 percent


4. Faster Than Light (C), 14.6 percent

5. Logan Greene and the Bricks (C), 13 percent

Roots Rock/Rockabilly

The El Camino Royales (C, R), 40.2 percent

Runners up:

2. Al Foul (C, R), 32.3 percent

3. Texas Trash and the Trainwrecks (C), 27.5 percent


Hollywood Knights (R), 35.7 percent

Runners up:

2. Los Gallegos (C), 31.4 percent

3. Suerte (C), 21.1 percent

4. Grupo F.E.A.R. (C), 11.8 percent


Planet Jam (R), 30.9 percent

Runners up:

2. Batucaxé (C), 28.4 percent

3. Spirit Familia (C, R), 22.2 percent

4. Key Ingredients of African Soul (C, R), 18.6 percent


Female Vocalist

Keli Carpenter (The Tryst) (C, R), 25.1 percent

Runners up:

2. Megan Lopez (Vintage Sugar) (R), 16.7 percent

3. Amy Ross (Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl) (R), 16.3 percent

4. Silver Thread Trio (group) (C), 13.5 percent

5. Courtney Robbins (Seashell Radio) (C), 13 percent

6. Kiss and the Tells (group) (C), 8.7 percent

7. Kaia Chesney (C), 6.7 percent

Male Vocalist

Salvador Duran (Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta) (C), 25.3 percent

Runners up:

2. Brian Lopez (Mostly Bears, Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta) (C), 25.1 percent

3. James Turpin (Broken Romeo) (R), 19.4 percent

4. Orin Shochat (Holy Rolling Empire) (C), 15.5 percent

5. Paul Jenkins (... music video?) (C, R), 14.7 percent


Keli Carpenter (The Tryst) (R), 27.9 percent

Runners up:

2. Brian Lopez (Mostly Bears) (C), 21.1 percent

3. Leila Lopez (R), 18.3 percent

4. Amy Ross (Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl) (R), 17.7 percent

5. Fen Ikner (Seashell Radio) (C), 15 percent


Brian Lopez (Mostly Bears, Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta) (C), 22.6 percent

Runners up:

2. Nate Jasensky (Faster Than Light, Young Mothers, Logan Greene and the Bricks) (R), 15.4 percent

3. Derrick Ross (Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl) (R), 14. 7 percent

4. Bryan Dean (R), 13.8 percent

5. Doug Floyd (Funky Bonz) (R), 11 percent

6. Mike Mihina (Love Mound) (C), 10.5 percent

7. Gene Ruley (Silverbell, Kiss and the Tells, Zsa Zsas) (C), 7.8 percent

8. Kevin Henderson (The Swigs) (C), 4.2 percent


Taylor Bungard (The Tryst) (R), 23.1 percent

Runners up:

2. Chris Giambelluca (Calexico, Ryanhood) (C), 17.2 percent

3. Geoff Hidalgo (Mostly Bears) (C), 14.6 percent

4. Brian Green (Leila Lopez, Courtney Robbins) (C, R), 14.1 percent

5. Chris Pierce (Faster Than Light, Steff Koeppen and the Articles, Logan Greene and the Bricks) (C, R), 12.6 percent

6. Ari Sloane (Broken Romeo) (R), 11.8 percent

7. Larry Lee Lerma (Kevin Pakulis Band) (C), 6.6 percent


Erik Truelove (The Tryst) (R), 29.5 percent

Runners up:

2. Dani Ponce (Vintage Sugar) (R), 16.1 percent

3. Fen Ikner (Seashell Radio, The Modeens) (R), 15.6 percent

4. Winston Watson (Greyhound Soul, Saint Maybe) (C), 11.9 percent

5. Josh Skibar (The Bled, Garboski) (C), 11.7 percent

6. Steven Yanez Romo (The Ghost of 505, The Electric Blankets) (C), 10.5 percent

7. Dick Solomon (Lenguas Largas, Ultramaroon) (C), 4.6 percent


Sergio Mendoza (Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta) (C), 31.8 percent

Runners up:

2. Amy Ross (Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl) (R), 25.6 percent

3. Lisa Otey (C), 22.3 percent

4. Cassie Van Gelder (Seashell Radio) (C, R), 20.3 percent

Horn Player

Jon Villa (The Jons, Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta) (C, R), 39 percent

Runners up:

2. Aldy Montufar (The Tryst) (R), 30.6 percent

3. Dante Rosano (Rosano Bros. Virtual Quartet) (C), 16.5 percent

4. Marco Rosano (Rosano Bros. Virtual Quartet) (C), 13.9 percent

String Player

Heather Hardy (C, R), 33 percent

Runners up:

2. Mona Chambers (Brian Lopez) (C), 25.5 percent

3. Vicki Brown (C, R), 21.3 percent

4. Adrian Wilson (Stands With Fists) (R), 20.1 percent


Fen Ikner (Seashell Radio, The Modeens) (C, R), 22.9 percent

Runners up:

2. AmoChip Dabney (AmoSphere) (R), 17.5 percent

3. Ray Borboa (Boogie Nazis, Logan Greene and the Bricks) (R), 16.7 percent

4. Michael P. Nordberg (various) (R), 16.2 percent

5. Chris Black (various) (C), 13.6 percent

6. Jimmy Carr (Awkward Moments) (C), 13.2 percent


Gene Armstrong, Tucson Weekly and KXCI FM 91.3

Dan Hernandez, music promoter

Polly Higgins, formerly of Metromix and Tucson.com

Duncan Hudson, KXCI music director

Kris Kerry, Plush talent buyer

Mel Mason, Tucson Weekly

Stephen Seigel, Tucson Weekly music editor

David Slutes, Hotel Congress entertainment director

Eric Swedlund, Tucson Weekly, Sky Bar music booker

Ryan Trayte, Rialto Theatre Foundation marketing director

Dan Twelker, former Locals Only host, KXCI FM 91.3

Cathy Warner, Boondocks Lounge owner


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