2008 Spring Club Crawl™ F.A.Q.

How will construction downtown affect Club Crawl™?

We know what you are thinking--that downtown is a complete mess with construction. Well, it's not nearly as bad as it looks.

Congress Street, Fifth Avenue and the Rialto parking lot will be completely clear of construction by the time Club Crawl™ rolls around. That means all of the areas for our downtown outdoor stages will be open and available!

The only construction going on near Club Crawl™ will be on Broadway Boulevard. That construction will affect how traffic is rerouted around the event. Westbound Broadway traffic will be routed down Toole Avenue to Alameda Street, while eastbound Broadway traffic will be reduced by one lane.

We highly recommend entering downtown from the north via Stone Avenue, or from the south via Sixth Avenue, to avoid delays on westbound Broadway.

How do I walk from Fourth Avenue to Congress Street?

The Fourth Avenue underpass remains closed, so if you are a pedestrian, there are two easy ways to get from Fourth Avenue to Congress Street. You can take a five-minute walk down either Eighth or Seventh streets west to the Sixth Avenue underpass. Once you come up from the underpass, you will be at Toole Avenue, which is 1 1/2 blocks north of Hotel Congress and the main entrance into Club Crawl™ at Fifth Avenue.

The other option is to catch the Redline shuttle from Fourth Avenue at the corner of Seventh Street, or at the intersection of Eighth Street and Fifth Avenue. The shuttle will drop off riders downtown at Pennington Street and Toole, just north of the Club Crawl™ main entrance. Three shuttles will run continuously until 1 a.m.

Where can I park?

The closest big parking garage to Club Crawl™ is one block away at the corner of Pennington Street and Sixth Avenue. The best way to access this garage is to head south on Stone Avenue to Pennington, then go east to the Scott Street entrance; you can also head north on Sixth Avenue to Pennington Street, and then enter. There are 750 parking spots here, and the price is only $2 for the entire night.

There are also 1,000 on-street parking-meter spaces nearby that are free after 5 p.m.

With four other large parking garages nearby, the total number of parking spaces downtown totals 14,000.

For more parking information, you can go to Tucson's Parkwise site.

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