2006 Grimmy Awards

Best Actor

Leonardo DiCaprio (The Departed and Blood Diamond)

Runners-up: Hugh Jackman (The Fountain); Will Smith (The Pursuit of Happyness); Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson); Patrick Wilson (Little Children and Hard Candy); Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat)

Best Actress

Helen Mirren (The Queen)

Runners-up: Ellen Page (Hard Candy); Kate Winslet (Little Children); Judi Dench (Notes on a Scandal); Penelope Cruz (Volver); Kirsten Dunst (Marie Antoinette)

Best Supporting Actor

Mark Wahlberg (The Departed)

Runners-up: Jack Nicholson (The Departed); Eddie Murphy (Dreamgirls); Bill Nighy (Notes on a Scandal); Sacha Baron Cohen, Gary Cole and John C. Reilly (Talladega Nights); Jackie Earle Haley (Little Children)

Best Supporting Actress

Catherine O'Hara (For Your Consideration)

Runners-up: Shareeka Epps (Half Nelson); Adriana Barraza (Babel); Cate Blanchett (Babel and Notes on a Scandal); Toni Collette (Little Miss Sunshine); Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine)

Best Director

Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain)

Worst Actor (Overall)

Nicolas Cage (The Wicker Man ... I still can't believe they got him into that bear suit!)

Worst Actress (Overall)

Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction)

Best Male Performance in a Bad Movie

Christian Slater (Bobby ... Slater was damn good in this garbage film.)

Worst Male Performance in a Good Movie

Larry the Cable Guy's voice (Cars)

Best Female Performance in a Bad Movie

Uma Thurman (My Super Ex-Girlfriend ... that's two years in a row for Uma.)

Worst Female Performance in a Good Movie

Parker Posey (Superman Returns)


A Prairie Home Companion, The Devil Wears Prada


The Fountain, Harsh Times

Best Comeback

Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa)

Most Spastic Performance

Sean Penn waving his arms like a freaking maniac (All the King's Men)

Best Foreign Film

Pan's Labyrinth

Best Documentary

Jesus Camp

Film You Thought I Was Going to Name Best Documentary

An Inconvenient Truth

Best Animated Movie

A Scanner Darkly

Best Song

"Running the World" by Jarvis Cocker (Children of Men)

Best Score

The Fountain

Best Line of Dialogue

"Your injury is one of ignorance and pride!" --Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen), Talladega Nights

Best Jackass Stunt

Johnny Knoxville getting gored by a bull while blindfolded

Worst Jackass Stunt

Anything involving shit; the puke stuff was actually kind of funny

Best Remake

The Departed

Worst Remake

The Wicker Man

Most Mishandled Movie

Idiocracy (It got dumped into only a couple hundred theaters, and it is one of the funniest movies of the year.)

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