1998 TAMMIES Winners!

Hall of Fame

Chuck "Wagon" Maultsby

Tucson Band of the Year


Runners up: LeeAnne Savage and Shockadelica, Bad Newz Blues Band, Kings of Pleasure, Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades, Time Pilots

Tucson Musician of the Year

Leanne Savage

Runners up: Mike Blommer, Mike Hebert, Lisa Otey, Jason DeCourse

Best New Tucson Band


Runners up: J. Walker Band, Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades, Creosote, Undermine

Best Release

Pleasure Chest, The Kings of Pleasure

Runners up: Crawdaddy-O, Crawdaddy-O; Neptune Amore, LeeAnne Savage and Shockadelica; Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades; Bad News Indeed, Bad Newz Blues Band

Alternative Rock


Runners up: Sand Rubies, White Chrome Splendor, Simplistics, Creosote

Rock and Roll

Greyhound Soul

Runners up: Time Pilots, Sand Rubies, Whatever, J. Walker Band

Hard Rock/Metal/Industrial


Runners up: Obsidian, Nightfall Avenue, Habits of Intensity, Excalibur


Weird Lovemakers

Runners up: Helldriver, James Dead, Los Federales, Disowned


Annie Hawkins Band

Runners up: LeeAnne Savage and Shockadelica, Nine Days Wonder, Phantom Limbs, Simplistics

Roots Rock/Rockabilly

Al Foul & The Shakes

Runners up: Creosote, James Dead, Greyhound Soul, Trailer Park Mark


LeeAnne Savage and Shockadelica

Runners up: Time Pilots, Binge, Rowdies, Thunder Alley


Dave's Big Deluxe

Runners up: Warsaw, Hipster Daddy-O, Bass Culture, Kongo Shock


Neon Prophet

Runners up: One Blood, Bass Culture

Jazz: Contemporary

Oslo B. with The Grooves

Runners up: Kate Scott and Tony Heath Quintet, Crawdaddy-O, Equinox, JJ Jazz

Jazz: Latino/Salsa

Ache Pa Ti

Runners up: Tucson Latin Jazz Orchestra, Manteca, Ismael Barajas

Jazz: Traditional

Blue Monks

Runners up: Paul Elia, Jim Dixon, 'Round Midnight, Jeff Haskell Quartet


Bad Newz Blues Band

Runners up: Sam Taylor, Tony and the Torpedoes, Lisa Otey, Statesboro Blues Band


Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades

Runners up: Kings of Pleasure, Paul Elia and Third of Five, Cobras, Lisa Otey


Funky Bonz

Runners up: Crawdaddy-O, Funkyard Gang, Shaft, Goodfoot


Kings of Pleasure

Runners up: Paul Elia and Third of Five, Oslo B. with the Grooves, Carlos Laurent, Combo Cameleon


Al Perry

Runners up: Saddle City Band, Troy Olsen Band, Rancho Deluxe, Trick Rider


The Mollys

Runners up: Bwiya Toli, Hot Desert Love Toads, Fine Stream Gamelan, Morrighan

Acoustic/Folk: Solo

Sapphire Kieft

Runners up: Sal Valdivia, Jamie Anderson, Annie Hawkins, Scott Huckabay

Acoustic/Folk: Ensemble

Arm and Hammer

Runners up: Blue Prarie Dogs, The Mollys, Arnold/Klingenfus Ensemble, Stefan George and Songtower


Latino Solido

Runners up: Crayola Band, Chubasco


Mariachi Luz de Luna

Runners up: Mariachi Saldivar, Los Dablitos

Female Vocalist

Anna Warr

Runners up: LeeAnne Savage, Carla Brownlee, Sapphire Kieft, Lisa Otey

Male Vocalist

Joe Peña

Runners up: Brett Beuckman, Chris O'Gorman, Oslo B., Paul Elia

Electric Guitar

Jason DeCourse

Runners up: Mike Hebert, Mike Miller, Karl Walden, Brett Beuckman

Acoustic Guitar

Annie Hawkins

Runners up: Joe Peña, Scott Huckabay, Earl Edmonson, Sapphire Kieft


Steve Grams

Runners up: Mark Bruglar, Marc Hensel, Bryan Fellars, Rick Pegram


James Couzens

Runners up: Scott Puckett, Justin Donaldson, Brad Brewer, Marx Loeb


Brendan Kearney

Runners up: Kim Ryan, Richard Gomez, Duane McDade, Mick Eckroth


Rosano Triplets

Runners up: Carla Brownlee, Oslo B., Hipster Daddy-O Horns, Crawdaddy-O


Heather Hardy

Runners up: Sapphire Kieft, Steven Granham, Sandy Um, Jim Hewitt


John Coinman

Runners up: Stefan George, Joe Peña, Jamie Anderson, Vicki Tama

Band Whose Combined Members Have Been in the Most Tucson Bands

Sand Rubies

Best Performance

Hipster Daddy-O, Rialto Theatre, February 7, 1998

Band With the Most Abundant or Unusual Tattoos


Band Most Likely to Sell Out on MTV


Band Most Likely to Be Big in Japan

White Chrome Splendor

Best Dressed Band

Hipster Daddy-O

Best Date Band

Kings of Pleasure

New Club

Double Zero

Live Music Venue

Club Congress

Record Store

Zia Record Exchange

Musical Equipment Store

Rainbow Guitars

Radio Station

92.1 KFMA

Radio Program

Rock Roots with Kidd Squidd, 91.3 FM KXCI

Radio DJ

Chuck Roast, 92.1 FM KFMA

Club DJ

Spyder Rhodes

Best Recording Studio

Jim Brady

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