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Re: “There's Election Integrity, and Then There's Election Integrity

Hillary was terrible candidate and that is true. She was not liked for a long time. The media and SNL and RW radio and blog-monsters have been mocking her since the 1990s without letting up, and I am so glad she is off the stage and makes very little or no news at all these days. She is a dead letter politically, with no chances at running again. Now it's Trump's turn. He makes news every day all day. And he lies. He lies about small matters and he lies about important issues and he lies about people and he stifles the truth with more lies. I guess what bothers me the most these days is that when someone informs some Trump supporters that the man tells lies, they take it personally, as if they are being attacked. Well, that's a shame because Trump is still a liar. The Democrats know it. The Republicans know it. His pants are on fire all the time and, without the Constitution's balance of powers, he will burn our house down.

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Posted by D & D D on 07/24/2017 at 7:14 PM

Re: “Danehy

Like we used to say in the 60's, " if it feels good do it."

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Posted by CW13 on 07/24/2017 at 12:54 PM

Re: “Mobile Ministration

Sorry but I am digging where this Mark guy is taking us. Best Chow writer in a long time.

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Posted by DesertDiner on 07/24/2017 at 12:31 PM

Re: “There's Election Integrity, and Then There's Election Integrity

It is apparent (to me, at least) that the biggest problem facing the Democrats is not Trump and his "agenda" (it changes hourly). It is not the Republican congress. The biggest problem facing the Democrats is the Democratic Party and its leadership. I read Schumer's nonsense this morning and came away convinced the Dems are poised, once again, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. When your team is in last place with the longest losing streak in history, it is time to shake things up beginning with management and begin building a farm team with solid recruits.

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Posted by Rick Spanier on 07/24/2017 at 12:15 PM

Re: “There's Election Integrity, and Then There's Election Integrity

...and that is a lot like OJ saying he just bought a big knife and he wants to date your daughter. No mas por favor! Mucho el floppo.

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Posted by Wond Enero on 07/24/2017 at 12:08 PM

Re: “Danehy

I can't drink Kool-Aid, it goes right through me. ;)

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Posted by The Grim Reaper on 07/24/2017 at 10:58 AM

Re: “There's Election Integrity, and Then There's Election Integrity

...and here's a 7/24/2017 update on the Democratic agenda from none other than Chuck Schumer, in an Op Ed in the NYTimes:

"Americans are clamoring for bold changes to our politics and our economy. They feel, rightfully, that both systems are rigged against them, and they made that clear in last years election. American families deserve a better deal so that this country works for everyone again, not just the elites and special interests. Today, Democrats will start presenting that better deal to the American people."

He goes on to list the lame band-aid policy solutions his party proposes to put on the gaping wounds in this country, policy solutions which do NOT happen to include developing a single payer health care system, putting reasonable limits on the costs of higher education, or properly regulating the banking system. His approach insults the intelligence of the American public and cheapens the value of words in our public discourse ever further, if that is even possible anymore.

Here are excerpts from some of the top "readers' pick" comments on the article:

"And how about health care? Will the Dems fight for Single Payer, which virtually all analysts agree is the only way to provide reasonably priced health care for all Americans?"

"There's an easy solution: follow the Bernie Sanders plan. The Democrats are too close to Wall Street, K Street lobbyists, the ultra rich, and the very forces responsible for the current predicament. It's a contradiction and frankly, corruption - you can't be a people's party with close ties to Wall Street. I would go to say that it is an outright betrayal of the New Deal."

"Sounds like more of the same Rube Goldberg-like ideas which brought us the AcA."

"It is hard to believe that this program will be able to gain traction in a Congress whose members depend on contributions from the wealthy to gain office. To reorient the government to work on behalf of the people, we need election finance reform."

"Chuck Schumer, this is a very thin broth you are offering to hardworking Americans starving for a better future for their children and grandchildren:
- The only mention of affordable healthcare are controls on the pharmaceutical industry?
- We need to continue to respect and protect the environment
- The inordinate roll of special interest Big Money needs to end
- The US needs to regain supremacy in energy and transportation technology and the jobs to support it.
- We need to create meaningful, challenging jobs to fill the massive void left by productivity improvements
The loss of farming and manufacturing jobs, primarily due to technological changes which drastically reduced the workforce, compounded by the, outosurcing of employment and stagnant wages has left the bulk of employment in rural areas in the low paying, low benefit and SHRINKING retail sector. This is not a viable future for our people. Democratics need a sharper vision than this lame "Better Deal"."

"Today's three big ideas to help American workers are: (1) asking venture capitalists why they want higher drug prices, (2) making corporate mergers more complicated, and (3) giving tax breaks to businesses? Senator, with plans like these, the leadership of the Democratic Party must be trying to ensure that Republicans retain control of Congress after 2018. This plan does nothing that will convince workaday Americans that you've learned anything from your time in the political wilderness."

In short, the majority of "Readers Pick" comments give a good indication that the majority of NYTimes readers know the difference between what the Democratic Party found itself able to stand for in the past (e.g. the "New Deal") and this so-called "Better Deal." (What is that, "Better Deal"? A shortening of the full-length title, "An incredibly lame policy agenda that is still a Better Deal than what Trump and the plutocrats will offer you"? Not buying it. Have had enough of bad and worse, in a context where the only legitimate selling point of of "bad" is it's "better than worse.")

The Democratic Party, if it cannot do BETTER than this, will find itself about where the "Know Nothings" are today: nowhere, with no base, no credibility, no Presidency, no majority in Congress or the House, the NOTHING party they have chosen to make themselves with their corporate donations and their special-interest-pandering agenda. Complain about Trump all you like: a lot of people realize that THE DEMOCRATS are the ones who, by selling out and abandoning their natural role in the American dialogue and their natural constituency, left labor at the mercy of the false promises made by and scraps tossed from the table of Trump and his ilk.

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Posted by More dismay: Schumer's lame & insulting policy agenda on 07/24/2017 at 10:56 AM

Re: “Danehy

Now, now girls, calm down and drink some nice Kool-Aid to cool off. (Although Grim Reaper, you probably don't need to drink the Kool-Aid).

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Posted by Dr. Thanatos on 07/24/2017 at 10:42 AM

Re: “Danehy

You are a just a bitter old man that has a fetish for being kissed in awkward places on your body. You should seek professional help.

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Posted by The Grim Reaper on 07/24/2017 at 9:38 AM

Re: “Danehy

If you really believe that you are the Grim reaper, you might seek professional help.

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Posted by CW13 on 07/24/2017 at 9:21 AM

Re: “Tour Diaries! XIXA Day 9: Show Rocks, Then Laundry Day in The Swiss Alps.

Years ago, while in Zurich, (traveling in Europe--) we threw our stuff in the laundromat & went across the street to mini-mart to kill time. We were going up & down the aisles looking at all the cool & unusual stuff, packaging, etc. --picking it up, but not buying anything, when we were pulled aside --Bill by a guy, me by a woman (non-english-speaking) --& escorted into side-by-side booths & strip-searched. They thought we were shop-lifting :)

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Posted by Glenna Sanders Davolt on 07/24/2017 at 7:49 AM

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