Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Quick Bites: Wine Sounds Just Fine

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Beat the Heat Sangria & Salsa Festival. If you’re wondering what more a Southern Arizona resident could really ask for besides salsa and sangria, get this: the event is held in an ice hockey rink, with full blast AC. Not to mention there will be paella, empanadas, artisan vendors and live Spanish guitar. Parents who have been spending weekends buying back-to-school supplies deserve a treat, summer lovers watching their favorite season fade away deserve a treat, and, well, even if you don’t deserve a treat, you’re probably going to want to treat yourself anyway. 3 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 26. Tucson Convention Center, 260 S Church Ave. $45.

Rose Wine Pairings Dinner. Wildflower American Cuisine hosts this four-courser with food prepared by Executive Chef Kevin Handt and wine pairings selected by Regan Jasper. Wildflower is known for its desserts, but you’re not going to want to miss the courses leading up to it: a compressed melon salad, roasted Alaskan Halibut, and Tortellini pasta with white beans, pancetta and mushrooms. 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. 5:30 Monday, Aug. 28. Wildflower American Cuisine, 7037 N. Oracle Road. $50.

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Cinema Clips: Whose Streets?

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This is a strong documentary from directors Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis about the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement after the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The film utilizes stock footage of protesters and their standoffs against militarized cops, and shows you how things got mightily out of hand. It also replays the interview with Darren Wilson, the officer who riddled Brown with bullets after he had raised his hands into the air to surrender.

It’s still chilling to hear the man recount how Brown had “a demon’s eyes” when he was coming at him. Yeah pal, maybe that’s because you were putting bullets into a kid who was trying to surrender. I’d imagine an unarmed man getting repeatedly shot would have some ungodly expressions upon his face.

The film also focusses on protester Brittany Ferrell and her obsessive pursuit of justice for her hometown. This documentary does what it should do. It fuels arguments, it doesn’t fully take sides, and it makes you think long and hard about the ramifications of Brown’s death. The kid stole a bunch of cigars, and walked in the middle of the street when a cop ordered him to the side of the road. His behavior may’ve earned him a trip to the police station and a couple of fines, not a body full of bullets.

This is a movie that will piss you off, and I’m thinking that would be appropriate.

Anti-Racist Protesters Demand Supervisor Miller Resign

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About 600 protesters waving familiar posters gathered in front of Pima County’s Administration Building on Tuesday evening: Refugees Welcome, Black Lives Matter, No Human is Illegal. In an age where almost every week, people take to the streets to voice their outrage with the government, people are getting creative. “Dumbledore's Army accepting members” and “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” are a few of the more creative signs.

The focus of Tucsonans Against Racism Protest and Rally was County Supervisor Ally Miller, who announced her white pride on Facebook, only hours after a white supremacist mowed down a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 12. For the last week, citizens and fellow board members implored her to apologize for her comments.

And now it seems the time for apologies has passed, at least for the hundreds that gathered on Tucson’s downtown. People want her gone. It was no accident this rally was planned on the day Trump addressed supporters in Phoenix. Inside the Phoenix Convention Center, Trump hinted at pardoning former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for illegally continuing racist practices, and Trump decried the “very dishonest media,” blaming them for the backlash to his “many sides” statement following Charlottesville. Outside, thousands protested and were finally dispersed when police set off tear gas into the crowd. In Tucson, people chanted—families with toddlers in strollers, old ladies waving American flags, teenagers standing up for their future.

People of every age, creed and color shouted, “This is what democracy looks like,” and held their signs high as cars passed, honking their approval.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

In The Flesh: The Old Pueblo's Greatest Rapper, Big Meridox, Says Goodbye To Tucson in a Fitting Farewell at The Flycatcher

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Dope flow. Sick rhymes. Loud, deep bass rattled innards. Earplugs were little defense.

“We’ve got three fucking decades of Tucson hip hop up here,” Jivin Scientists’ MC Runt exclaimed. Tucson’s hip-hop community gathered Saturday night at The Flycatcher to pay homage to Marcus “Big Ox” Meridox, who, along with James Ciphurphace and Jivin’ Scientists, in effect, created the scene in the mid-'90s out of Skrappy’s, the now-legendary venue and spawning ground of creativity.

Phoenix duo Fated showed much respect for Big Meridox. - XAVIER OMAR OTERO
  • Xavier Omar Otero
  • Phoenix duo Fated showed much respect for Big Meridox.
Mr. Riot: He helps raise money to fight illiteracy. - XAVIER OMAR OTERO
  • Xavier Omar Otero
  • Mr. Riot: He helps raise money to fight illiteracy.

Newcomer act Fated, a Phoenix B-boy duo comprised of emcees Simple Wizdom and Puritan, kicked off the night with lyrical dexterity, trap beats, synthesized washes and bravado. “My skills are unapproachable …” they claimed.

Another Phoenix emcee, by way of Boston, was next. Mr. Riot drew from Atmosphere, Rakim, Em' and others. Riot’s set peaked when “Ground Tremble” literally rocked the house.

Committed to giving back, Mr. Riot is founder of Gladiator Pen, a collective that raises money for Raising A Reader, a literacy program. 

“Representing the 5-2-0,” Aquafyde Boogey Bros., slammed through their set. “We’re doing this  because we’ve got to stand up. If it ain't building consciousness than it’s bullshit.” A reflection of the times. “Revolution is coming!” They covered every inch of the stage.
Aquafyde Boogey Bros: "If it ain't building consciousness than it’s bullshit.” - XAVIER OMAR OTERO
  • Xavier Omar Otero
  • Aquafyde Boogey Bros: "If it ain't building consciousness than it’s bullshit.”

When asked about Charlottesville, emcee Brody Ave. kept it positive. “[This] is something that has affected America for a long time. Black people have been in the fight since inception. We need white brothers and sisters to get into the fight. To stop something that we have allowed to fester [too long] as a community.”

Amped, former Tucsonan James Ciphurphace & DJ Grapla, were up next. “Let’s make some noise for motherfuckin’ Ciphurphace.” The crowd jeered, moving closer to the stage. Ciphurphace said, “I moved to Jersey City. But I never forgot my roots.”
James Ciphurphace and DJ Grapla: “Take a look inside the mirror/Make a change/Get right.” - XAVIER OMAR OTERO
  • Xavier Omar Otero
  • James Ciphurphace and DJ Grapla: “Take a look inside the mirror/Make a change/Get right.”

Working the crowd, prowling the stage like a cat, confidently. Jumping into the audience, feeding off the energy. The head-nodding beat of “Reflections” set the tone for Ciphurphace's real-world observations: “The rent’s past due/But you’ll spend hundreds at a sneaker store/Walk five miles to wash dishes and sweep the floor.” Urging the listener to “Take a look inside the mirror/Make a change/Get right.”

In a show of respect, Tucson hip-hop institution Jivin Scientists called for a moment of silence for Big Meridox. No easy task in a noisy bar. Yet, the booze-addled abated .. you could’ve heard a pin drop. Church. 
Jivin Scientists: They called for a moment of silence for Big Meridox. - XAVIER OMAR OTERO
  • Xavier Omar Otero
  • Jivin Scientists: They called for a moment of silence for Big Meridox.

Formed in '98, Jivin’ Scientists draw more from analog sounds than sterile beats, after 10 albums, they sure as shit know what they're doing. Their flow killed. Joined by Ciphurphace and Big Ox, they spent more time rapping off stage, and to the crowd's delight.

The energy level in room rose when Big Meridox & DJ Alias went on last. Big Ox’s powerful delivery and cutting lyrics were fierce, enhanced by DJ Alias’ masterful turntablism. After years of gigs, the two are in sync. Straight up, boom-bap beat textures created pumping backdrops for Big Ox's effortless spits and rhymes.

Big Meridox and DJ Alias. - XAVIER OMAR OTERO
  • Xavier Omar Otero
  • Big Meridox and DJ Alias.

Between joints, Meridox fired raw, anti-racist commentary. “Tucson, Arizona. Stay true. And don't call people niggers.” These are the times that we live in.

Meridox leaves Tucson as the champ. (He's moving east for a better job—his day gig is teacher). As evidenced in “Juice,” off his Beast Of Burden EP, with it’s wicked groove and pugilistic, rapid-fire wordplay, Meridox left ‘em wanting more.

By set's end, Big Meridox turned toward the turntables, where DJ Alias had been spinning. They met halfway and exchanged a bro hug. Big Ox, a gentle giant, perhaps too overcome, said to Alias, “I don't know what to tell you man ... But this is it.”

Writer Josh Levine proclaimed Meridox “unquestionably Tucson's greatest rapper.” After witnessing his farewell performance, there's no question.

Here, Meridox homies share words:

“Marcus means so much to me and the hip-hop community. He has been a mentor to most of us. Part of what makes Ox a great MC is his style. MC's aren't built like him nowadays.”—Pike Romero, Director at Tucson Hip Hop Festival

James Ciphurphace: “My brother Big Meridox. We go way back to the Red Dirt Specimen. He was my partner in rhyme. We were wrecking cyphers left and right. Recording mad tracks. I’ve got nothing but love for him.”

Just before he split, Meridox offered his final farewell. “I just want to thank Tucson for everything. Man, I am in awe. I’ll be back. I love Tucson to death. I am going to miss it …”

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Little Birdies To Hit The Golf Course

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It’s the event that your 3 to 5 year olds have been waiting for for up to 3 to 5 years! The Tucson J’s 2nd Annual “Itty Bitty Open,” a golf tournament for children ages 3 to 5. Plastic putters will be provided, as will a golf professional who goes over basic golf terms and etiquette. (That’s right kids! You want the lowest score possible!)

Each tiny pro-golfer-in-training is required to bring an adult caddy with them (no rolling up to the tournament solo in mom’s minivan), and prizes will be awarded for best-dressed golfer and best-dressed caddy for each tee time.

Tee times are at 9 a.m., 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., on Sunday, Sept. 10, with a limit of 25 participants per tee time. Golfers should arrive 15 minutes prior to tee time, and must pre-register by Friday, Sept. 8. $5.

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HOCO Fest Countdown: The Stunning Yves Tumor

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Each Labor Day weekend, Club Congress hosts the HOCO Fest, the city's biggest musical bash. It runs Wed. Aug. 30—Sunday, Sept. 3. We here at TW HQ are so down with it that we're doing power previews like tequila shots of bands and artists performing. Here's the beautifully deceptive Yves Tumor, performing Sunday, Sept. 3.

The music is profound enough to challenge your assumptions. Plus, he's gorgeous. - DANIEL SANNWALD
  • Daniel Sannwald
  • The music is profound enough to challenge your assumptions. Plus, he's gorgeous.

As aural performance artist, Yves Tumor uses repetitive, hypnotic synths and often-distorted clips of the human voice to examine heavy concepts. Like Laurie Anderson or John Cage, dude is more interested in raising questions and making you think than he is in making pretty music. This is post-modern art, yo—stark, confrontational. In “Limerence,” Yves examines context; a woman’s voice clearly states, “Say something.” At first she seems pissed, but when we hear it again, after learning that she wants her boyfriend to “say something” for posterity, the same clip is entirely different. Fucking brilliant. In “When Man Fails You,” the listener is assaulted by endless, atonal bells, and there’s something empty, sadistic yet purposely overwhelming about this tune. Yves’ music is like walking into a museum video installation and taking in dismembered limbs. Open minds and hearts will likely be provoked, shaken and discomforted. Good! So save those psychs for later—but go—this music is profound enough to challenge your assumptions many times over. Plus, he’s gorgeous.
Yves Tumor - Broke in ft. Oxhy from lowlife scum on Vimeo.

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Cinema Clips: Logan Lucky

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A gang of losers plots to rob a NASCAR racetrack on one of its busiest weekends, and they do it in a hackneyed way that makes absolutely no sense. Steven Soderbergh comes out of retirement to direct Channing Tatum as Jimmy Logan, a former football player who has fallen on bad times, then suddenly gets it in his head to rob the racetrack in a way that involves sneaking people out of prison, blowing things up with gummi bears, and secret allies within the establishment.

Soderbergh did the Ocean’s Eleven movies, the first one of them having a reasonably fun and inventive heist. This one is sort of Ocean’s Eleven for rednecks, and their ability to pull off the heist is totally unconvincing.

The film is almost saved by some of the supporting performances, including Daniel Craig as an incarcerated safe cracker who digs hard boiled eggs, and Adam Driver as Jimmy’s one-armed brother. But, for every character that’s a plus, there’s a lame one like Seth McFarlane’s heavily accented millionaire that’s not as funny as he thinks he is.

The movie doesn’t come together in the end, and its robbery scheme is too cute to be realistic. The big reveals feel like a cheat rather than a unique twist. It’s good to have Soderbergh back in action, but this is just a rehash of something he’s done before with a Southern accent. Hilary Swank shows up in the final act, a role that feels entirely tacked on.

It’s much ado about nothing. There are a few laughs, but not enough to justify seeing in theaters.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Bernie Needs a Home

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Hi, I'm Bernie!

I am a 5-year-old brown tabby, male looking for the purr-fect home! I came as a transfer from another organization in April. Don't let my tipped ear fool you, I have lived my whole life indoors. I did not like being in a kennel so the nice people at HSSA let me spend my time here in an administrative office.

I am an easygoing cat with a sweet disposition and will allow petting. New people can be scary so I tend to hiss at them to give me some space until I get to know them better. I share my office with Benjy and adore him. I am looking for a home where I can be indoors only and will be the perfect companion for the right person.

Stop by HSSA Main Campus at 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd. and ask to meet me, or call an adoptions counselor at 520-327-6088 ext. 173 for more information!

Lots of Love,
Bernie (841945)

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