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It Looks Like Prince Is Coming to Tempe

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Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories: Prince from Anthony Dufrense on Vimeo.

Whatever Prince does these days, it seems like his goal is to do it in the most frustrating manner possible. Even the act of illustrating this blog post somehow was a hassle. No photos on the wire service we use, basically zero embeddable video on YouTube (unless you want to see Prince talk about chemtrails on the Tavis Smiley show), so here you go. Dave Chappelle's impression of Prince.

So, a rumor has been going around that Prince is playing four shows in two nights at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe on April 30 and May 1. As someone who would very much enjoy the opportunity to see the legendary musician in such a small venue, I've spent a significant amount of time investigating the possibility. Any news from the Marquee? No. The promoter that books the venue? Nope. Prince himself? Of course not.

Instead, on some sort of Prince related live webcast, his new protégés 3rd Eye Girl (sigh) announced a west coast tour, which apparent does in fact include those four shows in two nights. However, that information can be basically verified no one else at this point, so you'll have to take Dr. Funkenberry's word for it. He is a doctor, so that helps.

More news as we get it, including maybe how to get tickets, unless that distribution method happens to be passes dropped from a helicopter or something. That's basically what I'm assuming at this point.

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