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Fall Out Boy Releases Album on Vinyl

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Photo from Flickr Creative Commons by Rolf Venema
  • Photo from Flickr Creative Commons by Rolf Venema
As a music enthusiast, I always debate whether I should fully commit to my music obsession and purchase a record player, or if my iTunes purchases played over the car stereo or my computer speakers are satisfying enough.

There’s something really hipster-ish and cool about having a record player and records, like it's proof that says you’re really committed...or at least that’s what it says to me. That imperfect, static sound that emanates off the player when the needle glides across the shiny vinyl signifies to me that you've really achieved something. It indicates that you are truly dedicated to the sound of the music and not just one piece of a band, but the entirety of an album you may find particularly awesome.

If you do decide to commit, though, where do you start? Do you go hunt down the old, classic albums at thrift stores and music shops, looking for special editions and rare finds? Or do you start with the new stuff that maybe you are listening to now, that might be a tad bit simpler to find in stores like Urban Outfitters?

Many bands have vinyl records, regardless of if they were around when that was the only way of recording and listening to music there was or not. See, even bands view records as a way to make something profound out of their musical accomplishments. No exception to this trend of releasing vinyl records for the true hipster to enjoy is Fall Out Boy.

Illinois pop-punk band Fall Out Boy has recently released their album, "From Under the Cork Tree," on vinyl according to Alternative Press on Monday.

The album was originally released in 2005, and is now available on a translucent maroon vinyl. It is limited to 1,500 copies for those serious music enthusiasts who snatch it first. This vinyl also includes five songs from the "Black Clouds and Underdogs" version of the album.

If you’re a fan of Fall Out Boy and want to believe in those reunion rumors through your record player, despite guitarist Joe Trohman's tweet stating it was not going to happen, you can order the vinyl through Hot Topic.

But wait, from the time I read the news on Alternative Press to the time I wrote this up, the vinyls are already SOLD OUT on Hot Topic’s website.

What do you think? Do record players and vinyls signify a true passion for music, or are they just a thing of the past?

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