Friday, January 4, 2013

The Second Iron Maiden

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I didn't know this was ever a thing until about a month or two ago. There was, indeed, another band in the UK named Iron Maiden, and they recorded an album in 1969 and it sounded like a mix between a few bands of the time, including Black Sabbath and their bluesiness, and flutey, folksy Jethro Tull, and other UK bands from the late '60's.

After a few listens, however, I noticed that it might be the case that Steve Harris picked up a few gallop riffs as a young 14-year old, and this band may have been an inspiration before he started Gypsy's Kiss and, ultimately, Iron Maiden. The bass features prominently, and on about two of their songs the "Maiden" gallop can be heard. At any rate, I think they deserve another listen as they offer a decent understanding of early rock/metal influences.

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