Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is It OK for a Song to Promote Drug Use?

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On one hand, I am a journalist, which means I pretty much have to believe in free speech, no exceptions, period.

On the other hand ... I know certain drugs can really mess people up, and I am not a fan.

Therefore, I am conflicted about this.

This song, by Cedric Gervais, recently popped into the rotation on BPM, the satellite-radio station that I listen to at work while copy editing. (Hey, it keeps me going as I slog through copy. Don't judge.) The song—featuring what sounds like Siri's gay, black-sheep brother—is undeniably catchy, if a bit simplistic beyond the beat.

Problem is, there's no denying what Siri's gay brother is seeking among all the sweaty people on the dance floor.

This song has been somewhat controversial in the music world—it even led to a brief feud between Madonna and Deadmau5, of all things—because it outright extolls the virtues of Ecstasy.

While I support Gervais' right to make his music, I must admit that I tend to side with Deadmau5 here: Promoting drug use is not a good thing.

And that's why I cringe a bit everytime the song "Molly" pops up on the (satellite) radio.

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