Friday, May 29, 2020

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After more than two months closed, Casino Del Sol, Casino of the Sun and Estrella at Casino Del Sol will reopen to the public June 3 at 8 a.m., the Pascua Yaqui Tribe announced this week.

The facilities closed March 18 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will reopen under strict safety protocols.

“Our top priority will always be the health and safety of our guests and team members, and we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure visiting our properties will be a safe and comfortable experience for all,” said Casino Del Sol CEO Kimberly Van Amburg, in the tribe’s announcement. “During our temporary closure we sincerely appreciated our guests’ support and understanding, and we have been looking forward to welcoming everyone back in the safest way possible.”

The properties’ new health and safety guidelines will include the following precautions:

Thursday, May 7, 2020

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click to enlarge TARA FOULKROD
Tara Foulkrod
Passing time during the quarantine, especially if you're a non-essential worker, unemployed, or a full-time student can be a chore, more so if you live alone. You start to feel like Rapunzel in the beginning stanzas of When Will My Life Begin.

Granted, you can spend your time doing all of the things she mentions, or you can sit and binge Tiger King for the seventh time. You can even go outside for some hiking or other outdoorsy goodness, as long as you maintain social distancing - though, do be careful with the heat.

There's one other tried and true way to spend your time that some people have been using with or without a pandemic, and that's video games. It's fun, it's interactive, and at times the storyline or interactions with friends can be really fulfilling. Unfortunately, it's also becoming really expensive.

click to enlarge TARA FOULKROD
Tara Foulkrod
While maintaining an MMO monthly subscription is cheaper than going to the club every weekend, some people are looking for a more casual or family-friendly way to pass the time. When you think of gaming in those terms, one brand name usually pops up pretty consistently, and that's Nintendo. Their catalog is huge and contains a vast amount of titles that you can play either as an adult or a child. With the recent release of Animal Crossing, loads of people have been maintaining their islands and coming up with some amazing creations to pass the time during the quarantine.

But, if you don't already have their latest Switch system, you could be waiting a while - or at the very least paying a ridiculous amount of money.

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Friday, January 10, 2020

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click to enlarge Tyler Vondrak a.k.a. The Dragon - KELLY RASHKA
Kelly Rashka
Tyler Vondrak a.k.a. The Dragon
It was a weekend of voodoo curses and dynasties dying but somehow I managed to get ahead, going 3 out of 4 on the picks. It would appear I forgot that the Saints are cursed in the post-season and Kirk Cousins was really liking it. Otherwise we are on pace for a great post-season sitting at $133 in the bank to work with. Let's see if we can’t wrangle up some winners for the second round and build this bankroll going into championship weekend.

Game 1: Vikings at 49ers (49ers -7)

After an excellent performance in the Wild Card weekend for the Vikings, they are flying out west on a short week to face the fearsome 49ers. 49ers looked unbeatable in the first half of this season, but after some injuries they returned to their expected mean of an 8-win team for the second half, dropping a game against the abysmal Falcons.

The Vikings are looking like a playoff team after last week, with Dalvin Cook at full health and defense playing to their ability. The 49ers could run away with this one but I think that there are some jitters here with it being Shanahan and Garoppolo’s first playoff game. Zimmer is a phenomenal coach and will have his guys ready. This is also right in Cousin’s wheelhouse of a nice daytime game. I’m more than happy to take a touchdown and see how this one plays out.

Bet: Vikings +7 for $25 to win $22.50

Game 2: Titans at Ravens (Ravens -10)

The legend of Tannehill and the phoenix rising from the ashes continued last weekend as the Titans snuffed out any Patriots hopes of a repeat. The real story of the game here is Derrick Henry, who is the 2019 NFL rushing champion. He is a force to reckon with and has really come into his own. Luckily for the Ravens' defense, they have some practice going against elite rushing offenses as they practice against their own. Lamar Jackson is simply the most fun player in the NFL I’ve seen in my lifetime. While I enjoyed the Titans story, I can’t see myself laying money against the Ravens this year. Too explosive, too hard-headed, too much smash-mouth football for a Titans team who’ve had a great story so far but it ends early. I’m not a fan of the 10 points but I see an opportunity teasing this one with the Chiefs game for 7 points to get the spread down to 3.

Bet: See below Chiefs game

Game 3: Texans at Chiefs (Chiefs -9.5)

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Friday, January 3, 2020

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click to enlarge Tyler Vondrak a.k.a. The Dragon - KELLY RASHKA
Kelly Rashka
Tyler Vondrak a.k.a. The Dragon
With a hypothetical $100 and a dream, join Weekly betting guru Tyler Vondrak (aka The Dragon) as he takes his fictional dough and places bets on the big games of the week. This time around, The Dragon places his bets on the NFL playoff picture.

Game 1: Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans (Texans -2.5)

The whole season, bettors have jumped on and off the Buffalo Bill bandwagon. Josh Allen is a stellar sophomore season, and the supporting cast of John Brown and Devin Singletary catered a 10-win season and a slot in the opening weekend of the playoffs. The real star of this team however has been its defense, keeping teams to an average of 16.2 points per game.

Unfortunately for the Bills, they are running into one of the next generation of the NFL’s two greatest players: Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins. Playoffs are often decided by experience and Josh Allen just doesn’t have any yet. While the whole country seems to be on Bills bandwagon I’ll fade and go with the short home favorite to pull this one out by more than a field goal.

Pick Texans -2.5 for $20 to win $18

Game 2: Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots (Patriots -5)

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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Members of the Tucson City Council signed off on a preliminary agreement for a proposed hotel and casino on land owned by the Pascua Yaqui tribe on Tuesday afternoon. 

The 14.38-acre development, which would be located atop an old movie theater near the intersection of Grant Road and Interstate 10, would allow the tribe to build a hotel and casino on the site.

The tribe has owned the parcel since the theater closed in 2011, and has long sought to build on the property, which is located within the traditional Yaqui neighborhood of Old Pascua Village.

The tribe and the city have struck an Intergovernmental Agreement, which includes a set of stipulations for both parties, including for which city services the property would be eligible, and how the property would receive groundwater, should the development not be in compliance with city statues. 

Pascua Yaqui Chairman Robert Valencia, in a prepared statement to the council, called the tribe's Intergovernmental Agreement, which designates the land into a trust with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, as being mutually beneficial to both parties.

"This agreement will provide a structure for the City and the Tribe to operate under if the federal government takes approximately 15 acres into trust [sic] for the Pascua Yaqui Tribe," the statement reads. "...Because these lands are located in Tucson, we think it is important that the City and the Tribe agree on how services and economic development will be handled if the lands are taken into trust. This Intergovernmental Agreement does just that—it lays out the roles and responsibilities of the City and the Tribe and establishes an Oversite Group that can help resolve areas of concern if they develop."

In a statement, Tucson Ward 3 City Councilmember Paul Durham, whose district includes the area of the proposed development, said the two sides are far from a conclusion on the subject.

"The Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council and Chairman Valencia have not yet decided how to develop the land once it's put into trust with the Bureau of Indian Affairs," Durham said. "That process alone may take years or even a decade. One, the land is in a trust, it will be up to the Tribal Council to decide how to develop the land. The land is currently significantly underutilized considering its prime location and I look forward to working with the Tribe in the future on this property."

Durham pointed out that item 9 in the IGA includes stipulations on future discussions for gaming on the trust land, which include a 90-day alert to the adoption of a Tribal Resolution that green-lights any regulations or requirements needed to conduct gaming on the site, as a window into how the process might move forward.

In addition to the 90-day window, tribal leadership would have to notify the city one calendar year prior to opening a casino on the site, so the two sides can reach an agreement on how the tribe will pay the city proceeds from gaming sales, according to the document.

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

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Courtesy Casino Del Sol
Have you always wanted to be on the Wheel of Fortune? This weekend you might just have the chance!

The Wheel of Fortune Wheelmobile rolls on into Casino Del Sol's AVA Amphitheater on Saturday and Sunday, March 2 and 3, from noon to 4 p.m.

Tucsonans will have the chance to fill out an application, have their name drawn randomly to play a simulated version of the game onstage, win prizes and be considered for the televised version of the show.

Wheel of Fortune staff will hand out applications one hour before each show begins, so make sure to be there at 12 p.m. 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. All ages are welcome at the event, however game show contestants must be at least 18 years old.

Gates open at 10 a.m. and applications will be handed out at the West Gate of the amphitheater.

“Every year, Wheel of Fortune receives over 1 million inquiries from viewers who want to be contestants,” wrote Executive Producer Harry Friedman in a release. “The Wheelmobile was created to give people all over the country an opportunity to realize that dream.”

Most Wheel of Fortune contestants were chosen for the show after meeting the Wheelmobile in their hometowns. Try your had at fortune at the Casino this weekend. 

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Friday, January 25, 2019

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click to enlarge The Dragon himself, Tyler Vondrak - KELLY RASHKA
Kelly Rashka
The Dragon himself, Tyler Vondrak
This Sunday was a gambit of emotions and despite ending up on the losing side I think 50 bucks was worth the price of admission. Things couldn’t have been looking better to start Sunday off with our under never being threatened in the Saints/Rams game. Then late in the 4th quarter at the 15 yard line the Saints looked sure to lock up the win. At that point the canary in the coal mine no call happened and the Saints ended up losing. Things did not get much better from there.

Split the first game one and one but I was still feeling good about the Chiefs/Patriots game. That was until about five minutes in when the Patriots defense completely owned Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. Our -3 bet was looking bad but our under bet looked to be the right call and my feelings remained that way all the way into the 4th quarter. The under 55.5 was all but locked up. The game needed an additional 38 points in 15 minutes to go over, something that both teams had not been able to do the entirety of the other three quarters. And that was when all hell broke lose.

Scoring back and forth in the last 10 minutes and our number still seemed to look good. Then the impossible happened! Chiefs drive the field and go up by four with the total still going under. With only two minutes left to play we are on the right side of both bets. Any other quarterback beside Tom Brady would be in a tough spot. Unfortunately I bet against a cyborg of a man. Brady drives down scores the touchdown, points go over, Chiefs back in a losing spot, and we all know how the rest of the game panned out.

So two tough weekends has us at 48 dollars left in the bank and a record of 5-6-1 after a solid start. We’ve got over 500 prop bets predicted for this Super Bowl weekend and I’ll be doing a deep dive on my favorites next week. Still plenty of cash left to get us back on top before the season ends so stay tuned!

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Friday, January 18, 2019

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click to enlarge Tyler Vondrak, a.k.a. The Dragon - KELLY RASHKA
Kelly Rashka
Tyler Vondrak, a.k.a. The Dragon
This week Tyler lines up his picks for the NFL Playoffs. Pick your bets wisely with the knowledge of the dragon by your side.

Game 1: Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints
Line: Saints -3.5,
Over/Under: 57
Pick: Under 57
Bet: $25 to win $22.73

A rematch of our two NFC titans this year. The two best offenses meet again but this time around I’m expecting a different style of game. A few factors are pushing me to the under. Brees’ arm showing some wear and tear throughout this year, Talib sure to be all over Thomas (He was absent last game in the 10 points loss), McVay’s lack of confidence in the big pass play with Goff, Goff’s fall off in production since Cooper Kupp’s injury, and two teams with dual dynamic running backs has me grabbing the under 57 all day. While this isn’t the most exciting bet in the world it is what I feel a safe one. This is the NFC championship game and positions are more valuable than ever. We will see plenty of action from the four running backs in a grind it out type of game keeping that score below 57.

Game 2: New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs
Line: Chiefs -3
Over/Under: 55.5
Picks: Chiefs -3 and Under 55.5
Bet: $25 on -3 to win $22.73 and $25 to win $22.73

Couldn’t ask for a better AFC championship game in my opinion. The old guard coming into the new guards house as an underdog in a sub 20 degree game. Mahomes is playing lights out. The Chiefs defense, one of the NFL’s worst, has come alive in the postseason with an extremely impressive showing against the colts. All while the Patriots have been awful on the road this year and while they usually own this time of the year I can’t go against this Chiefs team at home. Mahomes I think will have us all talking around the water cooler on Monday after an impressive game on his way to making history this year.

The other bet on this game is far more data driven. There has never been a NFL game to go over 50 points in temperatures below 25 degrees. While the weather report keeps changing daily I haven’t seen anything forecasted above 22. I’ll take those odds and see what happens.

Pick = Chiefs to win -150 parlayed with Saints to win -160
Bet = $20 to win $34.17

Final pick of the week I’m throwing out a money-line parlay on the home teams. History is on our side with the home teams typically coming out ahead in these scenarios. 9 out of the last 10 years the AFC home team has won while 8 of the last 10 years the NFC home team has won. These teams are all so even that I think it really comes down to that edge of home field advantage and I’ll take that check to the bank.

Total Bets = $95 to win $102.36

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The second installment of Tucson Weekly's newest podcast, All Bets Are On, is live, with co-hosts Christopher Boan and Tyler Vondrak breaking down the latest in sports and betting information.

The hosts this week tackle the Wildcats' 59-54 loss to Oregon, as well as their upcoming clash with Oregon State University on Saturday evening.

The two also break down the Pac-12 as a whole, giving their picks for the other men's basketball games scheduled for Saturday.

The dynamic duo finish their 30-minute podcast with a segment on this weekend's NFL playoff games, and whether anyone can knock Patrick Mahomes off to win the league's MVP award.

Check out the episode in the link above, and make sure to abide by the suggestions that the Dragon himself, Tyler Vondrak, lives by.

Happy betting, ladies and gents. 

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Friday, January 11, 2019

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click to enlarge Tyler is back with another week of picks - KELLY RASHKA
Kelly Rashka
Tyler is back with another week of picks
Editor's Note: The Weekly gave sales rep Tyler Vondrak a hypothetical $100 to wager on the NFL playoff season. Last week, Vondrak went undefeated, winning three games and tying in the fourth, leaving him with a grand total of $175.49 to wager this week. Here are his picks.

Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs
Line: Chiefs -5.5
Pick: Colts +5.5
Bet: $60 to win $52.17

Colts had a dominant performance last week on both sides of the ball and are looking like the best team in the NFL. We got an offensive line giving Luck plenty of time to do what he wants, Mack running the ball like a maniac, and a defense that has been suffocating. They are going to need it this week going into Arrowhead stadium. Patrick Mahomes is having the season of a lifetime but this is the playoffs and history hasn’t been kind to first timers. That, coupled up with a third string running back, a defense that has trouble stopping anybody, and Andy Reid’s postseason track record, has me grabbing 5.5 points all day.

Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams
Line: Rams -7
Pick: Cowboys +7
Bet: $40 to win $36.36

The first half of the season the Rams looked like they could demolish any team they came across but down the stretch they have been anything but impressive against the Vegas line. Cowboys haven’t been anything to write home about on the road either, but we are talking about a game in Los Angeles where half the stadium could easily be fans of “America’s team.” That, along with a weak run defense from the Rams and an elite running back in Elliott, has me thinking that they can keep it close if not win outright. Give me a touchdown buffer and we will see how it plays out.

Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots
Line: Patriots -4
Pick: Patriots -4
Bet: $50 to win $45.45

When I first saw this line I wanted to jump all over the Chargers but then I came back down to Earth. No need to overthink this one. So much going for the Pats; Bye week, cold weather, Gillette stadium, Brady, better coach, and enough experience in this situation has me saying Rivers will be at home to welcome his ninth child.

Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints
Line: Saints -8
Pick: 7-point, 4-team teaser (Saints -1, Colts +12.5, Cowboys +14, Patriots +3)
Bet: $25.49 to win $50.98

This game, out of all of them, has me the most nervous. Foles is back in form and could do God knows what with the football. However, I just can’t see them beating a excellent Saints team with a veteran QB, two elite running backs, and a Top 3 wide receiver. Saints defense hasn’t been anything to shake a stick either this year. With the Eagles' secondary depleted, I think they will get exposed, but 8 points is a little rich in a postseason game. I’ll take my other likes this week tease them 7 points to win a cool $50.

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