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Movie Roundup: Hilary Swank Gets Crazy-Eyed, Milla Jovovich Battles CGI Creations and Dolly Mails Some Books

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In this week leading up to Christmas, some of the bigger Netflix films will be showing up on your home screen, as will Wonder Woman 84 on Christmas Day (a simultaneous theatrical and streaming release).

Theater offerings include Hilary Swank going batshit crazy, and Milla Jovovich fighting some impressive looking monsters. Here's this week's movie roundup, including both theatrical releases at Harkins and Roadhouse, and streaming releases via The Loft Cinema.

Movie Review:

FATALE—Now Playing at Harkins Tucson and Roadhouse Cinemas

Okay, I’ll say it in the first sentence: this movie is a crap fest. But it’s a crap fest that allows a good actress like Hilary Swank to go into psycho mode and, as things turn out, she makes for an okay psycho.

Swank plays Valerie Quinlan, the crazy character in this Fatal Attraction rip-off in which a lot of humans die but all bunnies are spared. Valerie meets Derrick (Michael Ealy), the story’s main character and victim of the psycho’s craziness, during a one-night stand in Vegas. She meets him again as the result of a major leap in scriptwriting logic, and that’s when the movie goes off the rails.

The film is one crazy coincidence and plot hole after another as cast members fall like dominoes with Ealy looking really sad and Swank going into crazy smile-crazy eyes mode. Liken this project to some of the low-grade stuff we see the likes of Nicolas Cage and Bruce Willis inhabiting now. Like Cage, Swank has the ability to shine in the occasional trash flick, wherein Willis just looks bored.

What keeps this a few levels above total crap is director Deon Taylor’s ability to make a decent looking film and, yes, the casting of Swank, who actually makes occasional swaths of this picture watchable. Ealy also does well as the pissed off guy constantly getting framed. If anything, I give the picture credit for allowing things to get rather nuts as it progresses. The film gives off the impression that anything can happen, so parts of it are unpredictable.

There are two kinds of movies: ones where it takes a whole day to die from a gut shot, and ones where it takes three seconds. This one falls into the latter category, and it’s buoyed a bit by the Swank presence. I’m not saying you need to watch it, but if you do, you might appreciate its utter stupidity and brazen nuttiness. Sometimes you just want to watch a junk movie that isn’t completely awful, and this is one of those.

MONSTER HUNTER—Now playing at Roadhouse Cinemas and Harkins Tucson

Millia Jovovich stars for director (and husband) Paul W.S. Anderson, a guy notorious for making trashy movies that everybody goes to see anyway. Hey, the monsters look pretty cool in the previews, in Jovovich is always fun when kicking ass.

THE LIBRARY THAT DOLLY BUILT—now streaming via The Loft Cinema website.

A doc about a very interesting literacy program involving Dolly Parton and a lot of books being mailed to a lot of people. 

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