Wednesday, October 7, 2020

UA Licenses Out 'Alternative Solar Energy System'

Posted By on Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 3:24 PM

click to enlarge UA Licenses Out 'Alternative Solar Energy System'
Photo by UA / David Vili

A new solar technology developed by a University of Arizona researcher has been licensed to the startup company Gen3 Solar, with the goal of manufacturing the technology for commercial and industrial use.

Whereas traditional photovoltaic systems use flat solar panels, this new technology, developed by optical sciences professor Roger Angel, uses mirrors to focus sunlight onto a multi-junction solar cell. While other solar technologies have also implemented mirrors, such as solar towers, Angel's "mirror modules" use curved mirrors to focus sunlight, and remove heat from the photovoltaic cells by flowing liquid coolant, providing additional thermal power output.

Gen3 is now "perfecting the design and making sure that the technology works in a variety of environments and weather conditions."

According to Gen3 founder David Vili, there are researchers who are using solar generators to split water into hydrogen, so one potential use of the technology is not just making electricity directly, but also making hydrogen for potential fuel.

The company is currently building 15 units for a phase one program. After, they plan to build a larger factory with an estimated 160 units. The third phase, in the next three to five years, is to work with governmental and private clients on a large-scale to implement solar projects throughout the country.